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10 Things Women Should Never Be Sorry For

10 Things Women Should Never Be Sorry For

There are so many things women should never be sorry for. We've put the top ones together, here are some confidence boosters.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “sorry” for a reason that is completely out of your power? There are so many things women should never be sorry for. Here are some confidence boosters to help you be the most independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man you can be.

1. Being on your period.

Our menstrual cycle is natural and sometimes unexpected, anyone who is grossed out by you your period should be removed from your life immediately. We all get period stains in our underwear and, of course, it’s okay to use them again after they’re washed (you paid good money for the panties). If women had the chance to not have their period, 100% would take that offer.


2. Not putting on any make-up.

If woman were meant to wear makeup, we would be born with bright blue eye shadow and ruby red lips. Besides, no one has once said to a man, “You look tired today.” So quit saying it to us.

Dick in biology class: “You look tired.”




3. Having “too much” make-up on.


Wearing makeup doesn’t mean your insecure, make up can be fun! Personally, if I could do my face the way Youtube gurus could, I would jump on that like a tree. It’s an art! Would Pablo Picasso be criticized for painting? …I didn’t think so.

4. Choosing to not wearing a bra.

If you feel uncomfortable with or without a bra that’s okay, everyone’s different. Let your nips free and enjoy the breeze… or don’t! Having a wire pressing against your chest all day isn’t always comfortable and causes breast pain that could lead to heartburn.


Just imagine that feeling of taking it off after a long day, but having that feeling all day long.

5. Not wanting to have sex.

You have the power to say no, if they don’t respect that then they shouldn’t even be on your radar, they’re trash and disrespectful.


It’s a fact; sex wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t there.

6. Owning your style.

If your group of friends all have long, straight hair and you have curly short hair (or vise versa) … OWN IT. No one else can be you, so you better work!!



7. PMS.

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Yes, it’s a real thing and no, we can’t help it.

8. Feelings.

This one can relate to men and women. Feelings are perfectly normal and a billion different emotions can come up during each day. Putting someone down for their feelings can make it hard to manage them.


9. Being firm when speaking.

Standing by your decisions and making your voice heard does not make you rude, it makes you collected and confident. It’s common for women in higher power to be considered bossy and men to be “in charge”. Lets change that, lets stick to our guns say what we want and how we want it.

10. Having a lazy, sweatpants wearing, unshowered, at home staying, unshaved leg/armpit hair, Netflix watching day.


Nuff said. Sorry not sorry.

Stay gorgeous and confident ladies.


What are some other things women should never be sorry for?
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