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15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most states into lockdown, placing all of us in a state of stir craziness. Our split ends are longer than ever, our social deprivation is borderline embarrassing, and we all share a mutually intense desire for a cortada made by our favorite barista.

All of us have “our thing” that we miss while being stuck inside. That said, here are the top 15 things we’re looking forward to doing once we can leave the house! 

1. Dining in at our favorite restaurant

Everyone misses that local restaurant where they’re considered a “regular.” While most places are offering take out or delivery, nothing beats sitting down at a table or booth and actually being served by waitstaff alongside friends. The idea of eating good food in the company of others – even if that means strangers just chattering nearby – sounds like a serious luxury at the moment. And we can NOT wait for it.

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

2. Bar hopping

If you’re 21 or up, not going out to the bar is most likely killing your weekend vibe. There’s something horribly sad about drinking at home, and those fun nights out that we once took for granted will definitely the social therapy we need when all of this is over…just be sure to tip your bartender; they’ll need the money as much as you need their drinks! 

3. Chilling at local coffee shops

We had no idea how important coffee shops were until we weren’t allowed to leave the house, so quarantine has totally illuminated how much we need our favorite local cafe to have even an ounce of productivity! Coffee shops are a really common place to do some of your best work, or just catch up with old friends when visiting your hometown. It’ll be interesting to see post-COVID if your barista still remembers your order. 

4. IRL retail therapy 

Online shopping is one of the only past times that gives anyone pleasure right now, which is absolutely draining our wallets. But since we can’t spend money anywhere (and waiting for a package with a new shirt or accessory has turned into a major life event), there’s no incentive to stop.

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

When retailers have opened their doors, stepping foot in Madewell or Urban Outfitters will feel like an out of body experience. And we’ll have an excuse to wear all our new, online-ordered fits in public!

5. Friend and family get-togethers

If you’ve been following social-distancing rules, you’re majorly deprived of social interaction. Zoom and FaceTime are great ways to connect with others, but there’s nothing better than seeing our closest friends and family members in person! When we can leave the house again, nothing will stop us from hugging our loved ones immediately upon greeting them.

6. The salon

Be honest: how many times in quarantine did you consider drastically changing your look? Or are you one of the brave ones who actually decided to cut their bangs or go platinum blonde? Without spa services available, a lot of us are getting increasingly embarrassed to be seen in public.

Currently, nails are deprived of acrylics, and highlights are in need of retouching. And if you’ve made beauty mistakes while stuck indoors, leaving the house means it’s time to go straight to the salon to get your look fixed up. Your hairdresser has got you covered, and probably misses you just as much as you miss them!

7. Being back on the fitness grind

If you’re one of those people who needs the gym to work out, quarantine has probably been especially hard for you. Although the endless options of strength training and cardio machines are covered in dust as we speak, many states are beginning to ease restrictions on your access to working out. If you’ve fallen off your fitness track, you’ll be able to get back on as soon as you can leave the house.

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

But in the mean time, feel free to drive yourself insane by walking everywhere. 

8. Doing work at the library

If you can’t focus at home, going to the library might be a natural part of your routine. Your productivity is likely to surge once you can leave the house again and hunker down with your laptop in a quiet space! 

9. Exploring nature

Parks and outdoor activities have been a crucial part of people’s quarantine experience, since nature is one of the best medicines when you’re feeling stir crazy. While you can technically visit parks and reservations and uphold social-distancing, it’s likely you’ll bump into someone at least once on your excursion. Plus, some states have temporarily shut down recreational services to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When we can finally leave the house without second thought, it’ll be nice to mindlessly explore nature!

10. Self-serve food

The Whole Foods hot bar – I’m talking to you. And same with my favorite frozen yogurt shop.

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15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

Self-serve options are definitely something we’ve taken for granted, but during an easily transmissible pandemic are one of the most terrifying settings! They might not reopen these options immediately after we’re allowed to leave the house, but they will be soon enough. 

11. Farmer’s markets

For a lot of people, buying local products is an important part of their lifestyle. And with the closure of farmer’s markets across the country, getting produce or other fresh staples has been a serious challenge. 

Once we can leave the house, going to a weekly farmer’s market will be a refreshing reintegration of a routine staple! Some states have actually allowed vendors to do curbside delivery, and even permit customers to walk through the stalls at a comfortable six-foot distance from one another. But interacting with and navigating through a big group of people is half the fun, so we can’t wait until the day comes that we can return to our happy place.

12. Live concerts

Everyone’s got their quarantine playlist going on repeat, and you’re probably sick of it by now. And it seems like forever since we’ve been to a good ol’ concert. It might be a while until large gatherings are feasible, but small concerts will probably start back up when we’re allowed to leave the house again! 

13. Sporting events

Again, seeing your favorite team in a stadium setting might not be feasible in person for a while, but there’s always ESPN! Nothing is stopping you, though, from gathering some of your closest friends for a little game of three-on-three, or even badminton in your backyard.

15 Things We’re Looking Forward To Once We Can Leave The House

14. Going to the art museum

Seeing pictures of paintings online is a sad excuse for going all the way to an actual museum and viewing stunning works of art. Plus, art museums are ideal setting for dates, which every single person will be pining for once restrictions are lifted and people are allowed to get out of the house! 

15. Freedom…in any capacity!

We just want to leave. That’s all.

What’s the first thing YOU’LL do when stay-at-home restrictions are lifted? Let us know in the comments! 

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