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5 Things We Learned from The Bachelor In Paradise Trailer

5 Things We Learned from The Bachelor In Paradise Trailer

During The Bachelorette Season 15 Men Tell All episode (aired on July 22nd), Bachelor Nation got to see the first extended preview of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise (also referred as ‘Paradise’ or ‘BIP’). Season 6 of Bachelor of Paradise will premiere on August 5th. Bachelor Franchise host Chris Harrison will reprise his duties in Mexico this summer once again. Fan-favorite Wells Adams (Jojo’s Season and BIP Season 3) will return for his third season as the show’s bartender.

Like past seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, there is bound to be a ton of tears and drama. There could be some established relationships and potential engagements that are formed by the end of the season. With all that being said, here are 5 Things We Learned from The Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 Trailer (WARNING, POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THIS SEASON OF BACHELOR IN PARADISE UNSPOILED):

1. A Love Pentagon?:

Past seasons of Bachelor in Paradise have featured love triangles between some of the contestants which have caused plenty of drama. Some of the show’s most memorable love triangles include Dean, Danielle L., and Kristina from BIP Season 4; Amanda, Josh, and Nick from BIP Season 3; and Joe, Samantha, and Juelia from BIP Season 2. Never in the show’s history has there been a love pentagon!

Although Reality Steve, the Reality TV Blogger who has all the Bachelor Franchise Shows spoilers, provided details in a previous post about this (click here for more details), the Bachelor in Paradise trailer gives viewers a first glimpse of how the love pentagon will be the main drama of the first two episodes this season.

The love pentagon involves Blake Hortsmann (Becca’s Season and in the photo below) and four girls: Tayshia Adams (Colton’s Season), Hannah Godwin (Colton’s Season), Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton’s Season), and Kristina Schulman (Nick’s Season and BIP Season 4). Although this isn’t a love triangle as there are five people involved, this is the second sort of love drama that Kristina is involved in (she was part of the famous love triangle in Season 4 with Dean and Danielle L.). In the trailer at 0:38 mark, you can hear fellow Season 6 contestant Demi Burnett (Colton’s Season) jokingly referring to the drama with, “Is [Blake] banging Chris Harrison?” to some of the other girls.

5 Things We Learned from The Bachelor In Paradise Trailer

2. An Actual Physical Fight:

Another major piece of drama that Reality Steve spoiled in a previous post, the trailer for Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 gives viewers the first glimpse of an actual fight between two male contestants which happens at some point later on in the season. The fight is shown from 1:44-1:54 in the trailer.

Things end up getting so physical that the show’s security team had to step in and break the fight up (the photo below shows security restraining one of the men (in the dark long sleeve shirt) involved). For more details on the fight and the identities of the men involved, click here.

3. Bachelor in Paradise‘s First Same-Sex Couple:

Another event spoiled by Reality Steve before the extended trailer for this season aired was Bachelor in Paradise‘s first same-sex couple. Bachelor Nation is shown footage of the couple in the trailer from 1:00-1:05. The couple is female.

One of the girls involved is Demi (Colton’s Season and the blonde in the blue dress in the photo below), who confirmed that she is bisexual in a tweet shortly after the promo aired. Although she is not The Bachelor Franchise’s first openly queer contestant (Jaimi King (Nick’s Season and BIP Season 4) was the first), this is the first time the franchise has shown a same-sex relationship on-screen. While viewers won’t recognize who the second blonde (in the red dress in the photo below) is, click here if you are interested in knowing the identity of the person who gets together with Demi.

4. Chris’s and Krystal’s Wedding:

Last year, Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise resulted in two engagements and three solid relationships. As of today, only one of those engagements lasted and two of the three couples in solid relationships are still together. Both couples are so strong that an engagement isn’t too far down the road for either couple. The one engagement that lasted was the one between Chris Randone (Becca’s Season) and Krystal Nielson (Arie’s Season) (both in the photo below).

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Although Chris and Krystal recently tied the knot this past June, their wedding will air at some point during the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise for viewers to see (see Reality Steve’s BIP episode-by-episode spoilers to see which episode will air the wedding).

5. More Screen Time for John Paul Jones and Dylan Barbour!:

Two people who will be part of the original cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 are John Paul Jones (Hannah B.’s Season) and Dylan Barbour (Hannah B.’s Season). Both were on the most recent season of The Bachelorette and amongst several of the men on Hannah B.’s Season who deserved more screen time (the reason for their lack of screen time was due to the drama surrounding the season’s villain, Luke P., taking over most of the storyline).

John Paul Jones (on the left) was sent home in Week 4 and became an instant fan favorite for his quirky personality. Fans were talking about him on Twitter even after his elimination aired. Dylan (on the right) was eliminated in Week 6 and became a fan favorite for his fashion sense (he is a member of the famous salmon jacket club) and for his facial expressions to various situations (mostly towards any of Luke P.’s antics and when Hannah B. took a bite out of a pickle during the Week 6 Group Date in Latvia). Based on the extended preview for Season 6, it looks like fans will be getting to get to know both men more this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

5 Things We Learned from The Bachelor In Paradise Trailer

Are you excited for Bachelor in Paradise this summer? Which former contestants do you want to see this season? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

-Featured Image Source: Instagram Account @bachelorinparadise

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