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10 Things We Can’t Wait To Do After Quarantine

Everybody across the United States is trapped in their homes for the next few weeks as we quarantine to continue preventing the spread of the coronavirus. While there may be no place like home, being stuck in our rooms with nowhere but the same kitchen and bathroom to travel to all day gets really boring really quickly. It also makes us miss all the things we loved to do outside of the house so, so much.

Of all the places and things that we’re missing dearly from our normal, everyday lives right now, here are the 10 that we can’t wait to do more than anything else.

1. Go Out To The Bar/Club

Of course, the biggest thing we’re missing from all of this social distancing is that thing we call socializing!

Bars, clubs and parties are all public gatherings where we love to get lit, dance ourselves out of energy and do that socializing thing with our friends and anybody else that shows up to the venue.

Carpooling out to the bar, the club or any other party scene the first weekend out of quarantine is one thing that we all can’t wait to do! 

2. Sports

Many of us love sports with a passion. We love to watch our team’s favorite games and catch up on highlights if we missed them. We love going to games and cheering our teams on. We love playing our respective sports.

And they’ve all suspended, postponed, even canceled!

Sports is one of those things that really connects the world, and without it, many of us feel unusually lost. I don’t know when sports will come back to us, but one thing I do know is that the next time we watch a game on TV, attend a game or play in one ourselves, the roaring ovation will be hair-raising legendary!

3. Shop At The Mall

Malls all over the country are shut down until further notice, and man, do we miss them.

We miss linking up with our friends at the food court, walking through rows of the freshest sneakers, trying on shirt after shirt in the dressing room and simply just walking and talking with our friends. These are all things we can’t wait to do at the mall again sometime soon.

4. Sit Down At A Restaurant

When is the last time you got to sit down at a diner or a buffet with family or friends and just pig out?

We sure miss those times when we were able to be seated by a waiter and have our orders taken while trying to watch 12 TVs at once, or stack our plates with whatever we please. It sounds crazy, but that was only a few short weeks ago that we were still able to walk up to a restaurant entrance without pulling on a locked door during business hours. Still, walking through those doors and skimming the menu again is something we all can’t wait to do.

5. Go To The Barbershop/Salon

With barbershops and salons closed down for at least a month, we’re all going to be looking pretty scruffy coming out of this quarantine!

I can just picture it now: the buzz of the electric razor behind my hear, the rubbing of my head with a rubbing alcohol wipe, and the cool breeze of air against my freshly shaved head. Ah, those were the days.

Our situations are going to get a bit hairy during isolation, and the first moment we can schedule our next hair appointment is something we all can’t wait to do.

6. Go To The Gym

This quarantine is really hard for those that almost literally live at the gym.

Gym withdrawals have people who workout routinely curling gallons of milk, doing crunches in the basement and bench pressing their younger siblings to try and maintain their gains. The struggle is so real for exercisers everywhere, but we’ll get through this one cheat day at a time.

7. Go Back To Work

Now, how much we miss going to work definitely varies from person. Some of us probably hated our jobs and being quarantined at home is quite the relief. Some of us might also be devastated that we can’t go do what we love for a living on the daily anymore.

Deep down, whether we miss work or not, we damn sure miss getting paid, and its something we can’t wait to do again in a few weeks.

8. Vacation

The coronavirus crushed many spring breaker’s hopes and dreams this year, including myself, and the long awaited summer of 2020 isn’t looking too promising, either.

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Having our vacation plans on hold has us reminiscing on those times we did get the chance to travel and Google searching what could have been your next destination.

Don’t feel too down, though; someday this virus will pass, our quarantines will end, and we’ll be taking flights and cruises in no time.

9. Be Around Our Whole Family And All Our Friends

We see our moms in the kitchen, our dads in the living room and our siblings every once in awhile emerge from their rooms to show that they’re still alive everyday thanks to the quarantine.

But with social distancing firmly in place, it becomes a risk to go see our grandparents, our aunts and uncles, our cousins and our best friends. And as the days go by that we don’t get to see them and hang out, we miss them a little more.

The quarantine might shut down places you love to go to be around people, but to shut down going to the people we love? Not cool at all.

10. Live A Life With A Little Less Stress

Many of us are taking extreme precautions aside from social distancing to avoid catching the dreaded coronavirus. Our minds are flooded with worry for ourselves, our loved ones and the well-being of the entire world.

Getting back to living our normal lives is something that we all can’t wait to do. I think we can all safely agree that one of us can wait any longer for the day that we make it through this pandemic together and make it a thing of the past.

Quarantining has hopefully brought to us a new sense of value for the privileges most of us have taken for granted for so long. Being able to go out and enjoy drinks at the bar, shop at the mall, go to work and simply be around all of our friends and our entire family are all things that have been taken away from us that are gifts that we should more closely cherish.

Let’s continue to help each other and the world by staying inside and staying safe, so that hopefully some day in the near future, we can all go out and do each of the things we can’t wait to do again.

How are you handling you quarantine so far? Share your isolation stories in the comment section below!

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