10 Things We Can All Agree Suck At Kent State University

While there are many great things to be thankful for when it comes to being a student at Kent State…there are also some things that…well…we could do without. Below are 10 things that totally suck at Kent State University.

10. Kent State’s University logo.

I mean I guess it’s not the worst, but it’s definitely not the best.  I mean seriously, what is a Golden Flash!?

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9. All the walking.

I guess it comes with every college campus, but as a fashion major at Kent I can say it’s not fun.  The “fifteen minute walk” from the front of campus to the back of campus that we were promised at orientation just isn’t possible, unless you wear your running shoes.

8. Rec Parking.

Listen – I am definitely not going to have any motivation to go to the gym when it costs me $2 to park my car EVERY TIME.

7. Munchies Market.

They have an all-whole delicious and nutritious menu, but don’t bother reading it; half the items they never have in stock. You must ask, “what do you have” before they ask want you want.

6. Laundry.

$2.75!! I REPEAT $2.75!! We have students out here hand washing their underwear in the sinks!


I think that says it all….

4. Commuter Meal Plan Hours.

I understand Kent State University wants to fill the needs of the commuter on campus, but on campus students still eat between the hours of 11-2 too! Don’t punish me especially in the most conveniently located food in the center of campus!

3. Parking Services.

6 a.m. Monday morning parking services is out there issuing those thoughtful gold notes… scrapping the 5 inches of snow on your windshield just to check you have the correct C lot pass!

2. The lack of Shoveling.

Kent believes in letting snow pile up allowing it to turn to a thick sheet of ice, then continuing to allow snow to cover this ice.  So eventually the whole campus is an ice rink and will remain this way until finals week of spring semester.


Ohio is bitter cold, and gets hit with tons of snow in the winter, so we can’t blame Kent for that. What we can blame them for is building an Arizona University Design right here in the middle of Ohio. Ever wanted to feel 75 mph winds? Just walk into the tunnel entrance of the library on a mid-January night.



What is your least favorite thing about Kent State University? Let us know down below!

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