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10 Things We All Feel About the Florida State University Transportation Services

10 Things We All Feel About the Florida State University Transportation Services

The Florida State University transportation services can be a real pain at times. This is how we all really feel about transportation at FSU!

Ask any student at Florida State University and they will all say they love it here. However, if you ask if anything could change on campus I can almost guarantee most students will say that parking is absolute trash. Parking and Transportation Services… I’m not mad I’m disappointed.

1. Towing on Game Days

Oh hey Parking and Transportation services remember us?? The students who pay to go to school here? You remember us only when it’s time to tow us for parking in our own garages *sad face*.

2. Parking at 9:00-12:00?

Hahahahaha! That’s such a funny joke!


3. Maybe I’ll Bike to Class

Nope! How are we supposed to ride our bikes when 110% of the students are texting instead of watching out for us? Maybe put your time and energy into stopping terrible drivers instead of towing innocent people?

Transportation issues at Florida State University.

4. We Never Forget Our $30 Tickets

That time our first few weeks of freshman year where the parking garage rules weren’t extremely clear so you leave your car on a random floor of Call Street Garage only to return to a fat stack of tickets. I remember you tickets and I will never forgive.


5. Traditions Parking Garage

Let me know why arguably the best garage is also the smallest. Park here but only if you have 6 hours to wait for a spot!

6. We Fight Until Death for Spots

If you want to be a campus that doesn’t promote violence then maybe we should reconsider the difficulties of parking. We are not out there making friends. Quite frankly, when there is an available spot we are out for blood. It’s a race of who can go along their side of the garage faster then cut the other person off to get to the next floor.

Transportation problems at Florida State University.


7. Live Off Campus They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said

The only places that are actually practical when it comes to actually walking to campus instead of having to drive and park are literally two times as much money as us common folks would like to pay. Maybe we make it a little easier for actual off campus residents to park during the day? No?? Ok.

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8. But There’s the Bus

So yeah there’s this thing called the bus but also are buses ever completely 100% reliable? Not exactly. We’ve all got trust issues and they’re all caused by Florida State University’s Parking and Transportation Services.

9. It’s Not Me, It’s You

Ever wondered why your relationship with everyone is bad?? It’s because of you! If you made life easier for your students then there wouldn’t be any issues.

Transportation issues at Florida State University.


10. My Whole Schedule Revolves Around You

Remember freshman year when we were like woah I can start class at 11:00 AM so I can totally go out on school nights! Not anymore. If you have any hopes of parking on campus it’s either start at 8 AM or 4 PM with nothing in between.

Do you have these same transportation issues at Florida State University? Tell us all about them in the comments!
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