15 Things Only Vermonters Understand

If you've hit a deer on more than one occasion, chances are you are a Vermonter. Read on for 15 things only Vermonters understand.

If you measure distance in hours not miles and you’ve hit a deer on more than one occasion, chances are you are from Vermont, and chances are you will love this list. Read on for 15 things on Vermonters will understand.

1. Sunlight Is Precious

Living in Vermont means having 6 or more months of your year be spent in the snow or cold, so when it finally warms up everyone takes advantage of the sun. After all, we’re never sure how long it will be until we see it again.

2. Everything Is Better With Vermont Maple Syrup

Whether its a maple creemee, maple cotton candy, maple candy, maple on your pancakes, or syrup in your meat marinades, everything tastes better with a little (or a lot) Vermont made maple sugar.

3. “Flatlanders” (Pretty Much Anyone Not In Vermont) Do NOT Know How To Drive

Name a state and anyone who lives in Vermont will tell you about a time when they encountered someone from there driving near them, and all of the reasons that person could use a few more Drivers Ed courses. Don’t even get us started on people from New York, Mass, and Connecticut.

4. There Is Never Need To Worry, Someone Is Always Willing To Help You

No matter if you are at a Home Depot picking out a lawn mower, need directions, or are stranded on the side of the road, someone will always stop to help you. On numerous occasions I have pulled over just to answer a phone call and had people stopping asking if I was okay.

5. How Warm 50 Degrees Really Is

Most People would shiver and put on a coat in 50 degree, not in Vermont. The first 50 degree day after a long winter in Vermont you’ll find everybody in T-shirts gushing about how warm it is outside.

6. Everyone Knows One Or More People Who Have Hit A Deer On Multiple Occasions

Delicious as they may be, nothing ruins a vehicle quite like being in the wrong place at the wrong time and hitting a deer. The bad part about that though is that is that it happens often. Deer are everywhere here whether that means stuck under your truck, walking in your backyard, or on the other end of your gun.

7. Hearing People Say “Where Is That?” And “Wow” When You Tell Them Where You’re From.

I’m no Geography expert, but when people express to me that they have no clue where Vermont is or even sometimes ask what state its in (yes, this really happens) it fuels a fire of rage inside of me. I want to tell these idiots to pick up a book once in a while when I hear that, but instead I politely tell them it is however many hours from New York City.

15 Things Only Vermonters Understand

8. Leaf Peeping And Skiing Season Are The Best And Worst Times Of The Year.

So many tourists, so little time. While the young of out of state rich people are watched by their nannies, their parents are also taken care of while they’re buying $200 bottles of wine out at dinner, complaining at the grocery store, and creating traffic. The beauty of the fall leaves draped over countless mountains and hot chocolate in the lodge after a long day on the mountain almost make up for it though.

9. No Matter How Hard It Is To Drive In It, Each Season Is Beautiful.

Vermont has 4 seasons just like anywhere else, but they’re labeled a little different. There is mud season, construction season, leaf peeping season, and ski season. Try to argue this whatever way you want, but in the bottom of their hearts each Vermonter knows it’s true. Every season has perks but the one common downside they have is they can be impossible to drive through.

10. Measuring Distance In Hours Not Miles.

If you ask how far away something is and the person you’re going with answers “(amount of hours)”, you live in Vermont.

15 Things Only Vermonters Understand

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11. The Mosquitoes Will Never Stop Biting And You Will Never Stop Hating Them.

Going out of state during summer is a short vacation just in the fact that you may not encounter a mosquito. If you live in the woods this problem can be even worse, but believe me when I say that this dilemma touches everybody in the state.

15 Things Only Vermonters Understand

12. A Billboard Will Never Interrupt Your Sight Seeing

Have you ever been enjoying the view during a car ride and suddenly a billboard blocks your view? We haven’t. Billboards are illegal in Vermont which is a charming law that us nature lovers here stand by.

13. Ticks

While walking through tall grass and woods everyone has the same thought- “Ticks.”. I’ve never met anyone lucky enough to have not encountered a tick before whether it be on their dog, cat, friend, or themselves.

14. You’ve Accidentally Swerve A Little While Simultaneously Driving And Enjoying The View

Living somewhere so distractingly beautiful is both a blessing and a curse.

15. Always Seeing Someone You Know While You’re Out

There is really nothing like seeing your 4th grade teacher while you’re pumping gas in your robe at 8am.

15 Things Only Vermonters Understand

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