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20 Things University of Miami Students Relate To

20 Things University of Miami Students Relate To

Lounging under a swaying palm tree, sipping Starbucks and studying for his or her chemistry exam sits a typical University of Miami student. UM students learn and grow amidst the temptations of South Beach and in the most luxurious weather.

Lounging under a swaying palm tree, sipping Starbucks and studying for his or her chemistry exam sits a typical University of Miami student. UM students learn and grow amidst the temptations of South Beach and in the most luxurious weather. It is no wonder they live in an alternate universe — one that only another UM student can truly understand. Here are 20 things only a University of Miami student can relate to, from ducks to boat-burning and everything in between.

1. What even is an Ibis?

When friends ask you what your school mascot is, UM students might find themselves searching for a picture of a skinny white bird on their phones, only to find their friends confused and wondering what exactly an ibis really is. Sebastian the Ibis is no Wildcat or Husky — he is so much better.

Miami: Sebastian the Ibis Just like Puddles at Oregon (more on him later), only with national championships and way more sanctions.

2. Why Wednesday is the best day

Farmer’s Market Wednesdays are quite possibly the one thing that gets UM students through the week. Just when those middle-of-the-week blues start to kick in, there is nothing like a vibrant acaí bowl, sizzling empanada, or fresh tub of guacamole to fill your tummy and brighten your day.


3. Instead of snow days, we get “hurrications”

While many students at northern schools pray for snow days in January or February, UM students rely upon a much different type of weather — the mighty hurricane. Notoriously dubbed “Hurricane Szn,” the fall can bring some killer storms, sometimes resulting in days (or weeks) off from school.

Image result for hurricane irma at university of miami

4. “Club Richter” vibes

No, Club Richter is not another one of Miami’s star-studded nightclubs. Only UM students understand when their friends say they are “partying it up at Club Richter,” AKA the Otto G. Richter Library. Though not a nightclub, Club Richter is always a studying hotspot for students, especially in the upper levels, or “the stacks,” where students can work in perfect silence among dozens of bookshelves.

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5. Saturdays are for the beach

After a long week of classes, South Beach practically calls your name on the weekend. On any given Saturday, catch UM students soaking up as much South Beach sun as they can get before facing hours of homework on Sunday.

6. Your sudden hatred of all ducks

Your walk to class is sure to be interrupted when you bump into one or two friends and of course a couple of pesky ducks. All around Lake Osceola, in front of the dining halls, and even in the parking lots, these little creatures roam. Speckled and stubborn, these ducks can stop traffic, never ceasing to irritate busy UM students.

7. RIP “Field of Dreams”

When UM administration officially banned tailgates this year, many students stopped to reminisce over the years of tailgating in the back field of Hard Rock stadium. The “Field of Dreams” hosted some epic tailgates with a sea of students clad in orange and green, ready to cheer on their beloved ‘Canes.

8. Meeting (or even partying with) celebrities is a given

When Friday night rolls around, it’s time to figure out whether you will be partying at LIV, Story, or any of the other famous nightclubs in Miami (that is if you are 21). Part of this decision is based upon which singer will be appearing to perform — or even party with you and your friends. Whether it’s Fergie, Cardi B or any other star, you will probably be getting down with a celebrity at some point before you graduate.


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9. Sunday brunch-day at GreenStreet Cafe

If you are a student at UM (and a girl), it is likely you are a fan of brunch. And where else to dine than the famous GreenStreet Cafe, located in the beloved Coconut Grove? A UM staple, GreenStreet is everyone’s first choice for buttery pancakes, sizzling meats, and of course the freshly squeezed mimosas!

Greenstreet Cafe, Miami, Florida - The original brunch spot of Miami located in the heart of the Grove. Do yourself a favor and go straight for the Nutella French toast.

10.  Why finals week can actually be the best

Hammocks and puppies and free food, oh my! Amid the piles of study guides and tests UM students face during finals week, they also can look forward to relaxing under the palm trees in complimentary hammocks and playing with puppies in the breezeway. And with just a swipe of your Canecard, free food is everywhere you look!. Finals week at UM is not so bad, after all.


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11. Pulling out your winter jacket when the temperature dips below 60 degrees

Even if you hail from a cold locale, it is easy to become accustomed to wearing shorts and tank tops all year long. So, when Miami weather takes a turn for the worse (meaning temperatures in the 50s and 60s), UM students start scrounging for their turtlenecks and fleeces. Can you say overreacting?

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12. Why we put up with the less-than-satisfactory freshman dorms

It is not an exaggeration when UM freshmen say they live in “jail cells.” The tiny rooms are less than functional, and the cockroaches you find in the bathrooms are not just myths. But, there is no comparison to the friends you will meet your freshman year. Between the dining hall and the two freshman dorms, it is reassuring to see the same friendly faces everyday.


13. What is a glider?

Those adorable rocking benches which crop up all around campus are the ideal study spot. UM students know they can take advantage of the toasty weather while they study, catch up with friends or even eat lunch. Shaded and swinging, the UM “gliders” are a staple of this sunny campus.

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14. Your love/hate relationship with grove Thursdays

The Grove — “the” place to be on Thursday nights. Whether you are belting out Karaoke at Barracuda or dancing at Sandbar, the Grove always guarantees a good (and sweaty) time.

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15. Why homecoming is the best week of the year

Homecoming is one of the most bustling weeks of the UM year. Between pep rallies and the ever-famous boat burning ceremony on the Friday night before homecoming, there is no better week to feel the Hurricane spirit.

Image result for umiami homecoming boat burning

16. Oh, the sports cars

If you have attended UM for even just a few weeks, you have most likely seen one of the many Maseratis or Ferraris zipping around campus parking lots. Known for their flashy sports cars, UM students really know how to ride in style.


Maserati is an Italian luxurious car . My future car...hopefully.

17. How to properly balance fun and school

Maybe the first couple of weeks were a little rough while you tried to figure out if you should join your friends at the beach or buckle down with your studies. But in no time at all, UM students understand, better than any college students, just how to balance the temptations of the city with the reality of their schoolwork.

Miami Hurricanes student section gets sprayed with smoke after the end of the first quarter

18. New Jerseyites are everywhere

Are you really a UM student if you aren’t from New Jersey? Yes, the “U” is a diverse population of students, but the influx of New Jerseyites enrolled at UM is truly a phenomenon.


Image result for new jersey people at umiami

19. Why conversational Spanish skills are a necessity

Uber drivers, store clerks, police officers — no matter where you go, the citizens of Miami are going to speak to you in Spanish. UM students know, whether they like it or not, they have to at least know how to say “turn right here” or “how much does this cost” in Spanish.

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20. ’Canes care for ’canes is real

One of the many reasons so many students enroll at the “U” each year is because of the social environment. UM students and faculty are typically friendly, collaborative, and caring. ’Canes truly do care for ’Canes at UM.

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