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Things You Only Understand If You Lived In BBB At Syracuse

Welcome to BBB- Boland, Brewster, and Brockway. A place sort of off-campus, but not off-campus. A place where a dining hall, dorm, and gym is all connected. BBB has three different dorms connected, and we have to walk up A LOT of stairs to get to campus. Its a place where you don’t want stop by because it is so far away from campus, though it does have extremely nice views in the dining halls. BBB is a place where I called home my first year of college. Keep reading for things you only understand if you lived in BBB at Syracuse!

1. “There’s no place I’d rather – BBB!”

Just an anthem that people at BBB used to sing every single day. Yes it was annoying and got stuck in your head once you heard it, but it’s the kind of thing you are better off just being used to.


2. Explaining that you live in BBB.

Explaining BBB and how there are three separate dorms but all connected and then continuing how you lived in Boland (or Brewster, Brockway) is a pain in the butt.


3. Having the dining hall right below you but still having to walk outside to go to the dining hall.

It was great having a dining hall right below me, but I hated how I had to walk through two doors to go to the dining hall. Especially on extremely snowy days, and then having to find my ID card to open the doors back inside.

4. Feeling hungry or hangry?

The best part or maybe the worst part is having a little food court in the basement, right next to the gym. They have seasoned fries, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, and salads. Perfect for those night you are cravin’ junk food. Plus you get to use your ID card!!

5. Having the option of more privacy.

In some rooms at BBB, there are split rooms where there is a wall between you and your roommate so you can have privacy! It’s actually super convenient and perfect if you like to spend some time by yourself.

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6. The death of walking to class.

Because BBB at Syracuse is located at the bottom of the hill, you have to literally hike up stairs to get to campus. It’s either walking across a sketchy area right in front of a hospital where there is no WiFi, or walk up almost 100 steps of stairs in the morning to get to class. I went to class sweaty many times, no joke.

7. Studying at Starbucks.

There is a Starbucks at Marshall Street and so many people go there, and the line is extremely long. However, at the Starbucks in front of BBB at Syracuse there is not that many people and you can use your ID card to purchase!! There are also really nice, long desks to study at, plus a mini store right next to the Starbucks. Honestly, the best thing about living in BBB.

What else do you only understand if you lived in BBB at Syracuse? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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