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Top 10 Things to use as Bookends

Many years ago, you received a small statue for Christmas that you thought was just so cool. However, you didn’t quite know what to do with it. It sat in your room for months and months over in a corner gathering dust. One day, you were trying to make the books on your bookshelf stand up, but they kept falling over. Frustrated, you looked around your room for something to hold them up when your eyes fell upon the small statue in the corner. After putting this impromptu bookend on the shelf, you noticed how nice it made everything look. Now, years later, you’re still buying bookends to put all around your house. 

Guitar bookend

Recently, you’ve been looking for bookends and similar objects for rooms all over your house; not just for bookshelves. The first room on your list is the music room, which contains your many guitars and a grand piano given to you by your friend Jerry. After debating with yourself over a piano or guitar bookend, you eventually settle on the latter since the guitars take up way more room than the piano. After moving past that decision, another one quickly presents itself to you: which guitar bookend should you buy? Luckily, you find one fairly quickly that you think will work great!

Steam train bookend

The next room in your house which you want to buy a bookend for is the play room. You never use this room at all (the last time you went in there was around 3 months ago), but you still keep it all set up because your nieces and nephews come over often and need somewhere to play. So, which bookend should you get for that room? Hmm…how about a train? You’re currently looking at a brightly colored one that you think is perfect for the happy theme of the room. You’d better make sure the kids don’t hurt themselves with it, though.

Metal pipe bookend

Every time you want to create a new recipe, you like to check out the cookbooks you own, but you’re never able to remember where they are since they’re not lying out on the counters or anything. They’re almost always in one drawer or another and, by the time you find them, you’re no longer in the mindset to create something new. Tired of this constant problem, you decide to buy a bookend to lean your cookbooks against. Now all you need to do is find one that doesn’t appear out of place in the kitchen. This bookend with the metal pipe should do the trick.

Darwin’s ape bookend

On to the study, one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. Since your job doesn’t require you to leave the house, this cozily lit room is where you do most of your work. Throughout the years, you’ve accumulated a good amount of objects that really enhance your productivity, and you now think it’s long past time that you put some sort of bookend in the room. Without too much effort you find a bronze statue of Darwin’s ape seated on a pile of books and holding a skull. It’s actually a very nice looking statue; even the skull doesn’t seem scary. 

Abstract Thinker bookend

When you first walk through the front door of your home, you immediately see an alcove ahead which contains an abstract statue of a man holding a finger to his lips. You quite like this statue, but you always have to move it when your family comes to visit, since the kids think it’s a little scary. Perhaps it is a little unnerving, but you like to think that it’s more ancient looking than creepy. While you do think that it’s a cool face, moving it is always a hassle, since there aren’t really any spots on it to safely grab hold without putting the statue at risk of breaking.

Industrial lamp bookend

When you have guests over, you always like to impress them with every aspect of your home, including the dining room. Every once in a while, you completely redecorate the room, so even guests that have been there before will be surprised. Currently, the dining room contains a large wooden country table complete with chairs covered in animal furs. On a side table in the room rests a pile of themed books that you think add to the overall atmosphere of the room. However, it would be better if there was a matching bookend that they could lean against. That’s where the industrial lamp bookend comes in.

Medieval knight bookend

This bookend is going to go straight into your room. For many years, medieval fantasy novels have been your favorite things to read, and you’ve acquired quite a collection of them over the years. Since you have so many of these, it doesn’t make sense to have them all in your room, so you only have your favorite seven novels close by while the others are all stored in the library. Your plan for this bookend is to have the fantasy novels lean up against it in ascending height so the shortest book is the farthest from the bookend and the tallest is the closest.

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Book bookend

Where would be the best place to put a bookend that looks like a book? In the library, of course! Yes, you have a fairly large room in your house dedicated to all the books you’ve collected throughout your life. Since you’re fairly young, many of the shelves are still empty, but you plan to have them all filled up by the time you have grandchildren. At the moment, your collection only takes up half of the ground floor of the library, while the second – reached by a spiral staircase – is still completely empty. 

Bronze owl bookend

The basement of your home also contains a few books but, as a rule, they’re all fairly small. The reason for this restriction is due to the fact that the two bookends you have down there are a little tiny, so they can only hold books that aren’t heavy. Because of their size, they’re sometimes hard to see, so you place them at the foot of the stairs so everyone who visits the basement notices them immediately. Since the lowest level of your house is an ‘adults only’ hangout zone, the books leaning against the cute owls are usually only appealing to people your age.

Rearing horse bookend

Towards the back of your home is a magnificent sitting room that boasts an incredible view of the surrounding countryside. In the autumn months, the view from the large window shows brightly colored trees that seemingly go on forever. Glancing around the room, your guests will see objects that correspond to the current season which, like the dining room, you regularly switch out. However, one thing that always stays the same are the two horse bookends over by the wall near the door. These rearing bronze horses are on either side of the Lord of the Rings, one of your favorite fantasy series of novels.

Do you own any bookends or bookend type objects? Are you interested in any from this article? Let me know in the comments below!

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