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10 Things To Talk About On A Blind Date

10 Things To Talk About On A Blind Date

Blind dates can be super awkward sometimes, as they are meetings between two strangers that have never met. When on a blind date, people tend to not know what to talk about other than the usual, boring questions, like asking your date what their favorite food is, what they do for a living, or when their birthday is. Those are decent questions to ask, but they’re pretty boring and are most often answered with single word responses. And, by the end of the date, you still only know very little about the other person. In order to help, we threw together a list of 10 topics to talk about on a blind date, so you can get to know your date in more detail. 

1. Goals:

Ask your blind date what their goals for the future are, or the things they would like to accomplish in life. This is an interesting topic that will give you more details into their life plan. It is also a great way to see if you and your date have goals in common. Those common goals will lead to a deeper conversation about why you have the goals that you do. It may seem simple, but simple questions like this can provide you with a deeper connection and more interesting conversation.

2. Passions:

You have passions. Your blind date has passions. Most people keep their passions hidden, as they feel no one is interested in them. However, we recommend asking your blind date about their passions, whether they are career-related or not. Showing interest in what your date is passionate about gives them the feeling you genuinely want to get to know them. Listen to them ramble on about their passions, and be sure to share yours as well. Also, don’t be afraid to ask why that is their passion. Show interest in knowing this about them, even if you do not have the same passions as your date.

3. New Skills:

What is a skill your date wants to learn? Maybe it is something you already know. If you hit it off with your date, this skill gives you an excuse to see your date again in the future. For example, if your date likes to hike, consider suggesting going on a hike for your second date. However, it could work vice versa as well. Your date may know a skill you want to learn. Either way, you both then have an excuse to see each other at another time in the future.

4. Favorite Past Time:

Talk about the things you and your date like to do in your free time. The two of you may have some things in common. Then again, you may like two different sports teams that are rivals. However, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work between you two. This question and conversation starter just gives you the opportunity to playfully tease one another. This works with any past time you and your blind date have in common.

5. Hidden Talent:

Nearly everyone has a hidden talent, and maybe your blind date is one of them. Even if they don’t have one, it is still a unique question to ask. Then again, maybe you are the person with the hidden talent, and could talk about it to your date. Express your interest in knowing more about their normal and weird quirks by asking this question.

6. Dream Job:

Not everyone is working in a field they absolutely love. Ask your date what their dream job is. If the say they are at their dream job, rephrase the question to ask what their second choice for a career would be. This gives you another chance to learn about what they enjoy doing in life. It’s also a chance to learn about the career path they are already following.

7. Their Idol:

Knowing who your blind date’s idol is gives you a chance to understand the kind of person they are, or the kind of person they want to be. After you learn whom your dates idol is, they are more than likely to tell you why this person is their idol. You will learn more pros and cons about why you should or should not continue to see your date in the future.

8. Favorite Quote:

Asking your date what their favorite quote is gives you a chance to learn about their life motto, which is usually a quote that inspires one’s everyday ambitions or overall goals in life. Perhaps it is a quote you have never heard of that they can tell you more about. Or, perhaps it is a quote that fits well with or contradicts your own quote/life motto. Feel free to discuss why these are your favorite quotes, and how they have impacted your life.

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9. Followed Philosophy:

Do they follow a certain philosophy? If so, which philosophy do they follow? Asking this question is another way to understand what kind of plan your date has for their future. Learn more about why this philosophy interests them, and if they are interested in other ones as well. Share your own philosophy interest, if you have any, with your date as well.

10. Who They Relate To:

Ask your date if they can relate themselves to a real person or fictional character. This question opens up many doors, showing you what your date thinks of themselves. You may be in awe of their answer, or you may become heartbroken by their answer. Either way, it is good to ask these things in order to get a clear picture of what type of person your date really is.

When asking these questions, don’t be afraid to insert your own opinions about their answers. This is a relationship interview. You both want to get to know one another, and that means answering some tough questions. People have become used to the simple questions that have no thought put into them. By asking these questions you will show your date that you want to know about them. If they shrug off the questions with a simple “I don’t know,” your date may not be worth your time. But feel free to take it slow with the harder questions, as you don’t want to get too serious right off the bat. As long as you can gauge a positive feel for who your date is and what types of things are important to them, you are in a good place to move forward! 

What other questions do you think should be asked on a blind date? Let us know in the comments!