10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

Chances are if you’re reading this, you have been or are going to be going abroad. You might be wondering what you should research before you travel out of the country. Here are 10 things you should look up before you take flight and start your journey.

1. Monetary conversions

This might be one of the most important things to do before you go abroad. Look up the exchange rate between your country and the one you’re planning on visiting. Knowing how much money you’ll need is crucial to ensuring that your trip goes smoothly.

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

2. Local food

If you’re traveling somewhere far, it’s also a good idea to research the type of food that you’ll be eating. This is even more important if you have any dietary restrictions. You don’t want to get to wherever you’re going and be shocked by the type of food the locals consume.

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

3. Transportation

Unless you’re rich and can afford to take Ubers or taxis throughout your trip, chances are that you’ll be using public transportation to get around. A lot of major cities have subway and bus systems that are not only cheap, but also affordable. Do your research on what you’ll be using to get from point A to point B throughout your trip.

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

4. Parts of town

It’s definitely a good idea to look into the different parts of town of wherever you’re going. Look up what where you’re staying is known for and if there are any good local spots you should hit. Also see what areas are good to avoid, such as red light districts or poor parts of town that might not be safe.

5. Museums

If you’re into art or history at all, spend some time researching the different museums the city you’re going to has to offer. Europe is notorious for it’s museums, and other parts of the world have some great museums as well. Check to see if any famous ones are near where you’re staying.

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

6. Events

Research if any possible events are happening during the dates you’re planning on going abroad. Concerts, festivals, and fairs are popular in all part of the world; you might get lucky and find that one is going on in the city you’re going to. Many countries also hold events in honor of certain cultural holidays they might have.

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7. Culture

Make sure you’re aware of any cultural restrictions when it comes to what you wear before you embark on your journey. You don’t want to offend anyone with how you dress. If the country you’re going to happens to lie on more of the traditional side of things, you might need to be more mindful of the clothing you bring with you.

8. Language

Make sure you’re familiar with how to say simple phrases in their native language before you go. It’s always good to know “please” and “thank you,” as well as how to say your name, ask for directions, and even that you don’t speak their language.

9. Directions from airport to accommodations

Definitely look up how to get to and from the airport to wherever you’re staying beforehand. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to figure out how to get to your hotel when you’re tired after a long flight. Making sure you already know how to get to where you need to go before you leave will ensure things go smoothly once you arrive.

10 Things To Research Before You Go Abroad

10. How to communicate with home

You’ll probably want to keep in touch with your loved ones back home while you’re abroad. Look into ways to communicate with your native country. Check your phone plan to see if international calling and texting is allowed; if it isn’t, see how much it costs to get covered.

If you’re traveling internationally and are unsure of what to research, these 10 things are a good place to start. Have any more tips idea on what to look into before going abroad? Comment below!

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