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10 Things To Remember When You Go Off To College

10 Things To Remember When You Go Off To College

Going off to college can be a scary, overwhelming but exciting time in our lives. Even though life is changing, these are things you should always remember!

As we transition from what are said to be the best four years, and the worst four years, of our lives onto college (which is closer to the best four years than high school from what I hear,) there are many things to remember. We senior graduates are being overwhelmed with finals, graduation coming up and a hundred grad parties every weekend. It’s time to take a quick break, step back and reminisce. Things are going to be so different in the short few months to come. Here are 10 things to remember when you go off to college- good luck!

1. Take a moment to remember how you got here and who helped you get here.

In high school, we worked our butts off, took Advanced Placement classes, took the ACT or SAT a few, or several, times to get a college acceptance-worthy score. We studied, we slacked, we were teachers-pets or we goofed off. But with all of that, we got here, to the end. And we didn’t do it alone. Our friends, families, teachers, coaches and other supportive figures helped us along the way. And before we all go off on our separate ways, remember them and how they helped you. Appreciate them, thank them and never forget what they did for you.

2. Enjoy the time you have left.

With all the excitement and eagerness to get out and move onto the next chapter in our lives, sometimes enjoying what we have left with the people we know and are leaving seems to be a thought in the back of our minds. Enjoy it, take it all in because this may be the last chance you get to go to a party with the people you grew up with. This may be the last chance you get to go shopping with your high school best friend. This is the time for lasts, and though it is sad, it will be remembered as a happy memory.


3. Remember it’s okay to start distancing yourself from the people who aren’t best in your life.

I know in high school sometimes it is hard to distance yourself from certain people because you see them everyday. It’s just hard and it causes drama and high school is already filled with enough drama. But, now that we’re about to go off to college, who cares? We’re already going our separate ways so it won’t matter in the next few months. Also, it’s summer so you don’t have to see that person if you don’t want to.

4. Don’t be afraid to be different than your high school self.

Going to college is a fresh start for so many people. Take it, embrace it and use it as a chance to start over, be a new you; an updated, improved version of yourself.


5. Work smarter and harder in college.

In high school it seemed as though we went from working hard to working smarter to the final stretch and barely working at all. But now, our grades and our work ethic are at it’s highest importance each year to get competitive internships in summer, good grades and understanding the subjects we learn in depth because this is for our future.

6. Things will be very different, and that is OK.

These last four years, we high school graduates became very accustomed to certain things and specific routines. But now as we go off to college, we have to be prepared for everything to be different and for everything to change. We are on our own, we have to adjust to everything. It will be overwhelming, and it will be exciting. Mostly, it will be OK.


7. Don’t forget the people who care about you while being overwhelmed with all the new things you’re experiencing.

From my experience, as friends head off to college, they seem to lose sight of the people they already have in their corner supporting them and caring for them because they’re so overwhelmed and distracted with everything new they’re experiencing. Don’t do that. Instead of replacing those people, remember them, appreciate them and expand that corner of friends.

8. Don’t use college as an excuse.

While things are exciting and overwhelming, don’t forget to call your parents, check in on your high school bestie, and appreciate what you have. Don’t use college as an excuse to things changing or not having enough time to call your parents. Things will change, you will grow apart from people…maybe even your high school bestie, but it’s not college. It is you changing, or you being overwhelmed. Own up to it, and make sure to call your parents!

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9. Have fun.

This isn’t high school anymore. You can try new things without judgement from peers that you see absolutely every day in the hallways. Try a bunch of new things, take cool classes, socialize outside of who you have classes with or outside of your dorm mates. College is a time for finding yourself and becoming independent. Have fun doing that.


10. Appreciate your parents and everything they’ve done.

As we soon-to-be college freshman are finishing up our last of this chapter and moving onto our next, we can’t forget about our parents. We can’t forget to appreciate them. Personally, without my mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Our parents are going to miss us tremendously. We are their babies! And we might not always show it, but we are going to miss them, too. Make sure to take the time to remind them of that.


Is there anything else you should remember when heading off to college? Share in the comments below!
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