10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship can agree that fighting with their partner is one of the hardest things to go through. What started as a small disagreement or bad joke spiraled out of control and now you are either constantly reminding each other of it and blaming each other, or you are just ignoring each other completely. It’s safe to say that you are both hurt, but more often than not, you are angry with yourself for fighting with the person you love and you are scared you might not know how to fix it. Here are ten things to remember when you are fighting with your partner.

1. How They Go Out of Their Way For You

Try to remember the way they take care of you when you are sick or are fighting with a family member. Your partner wouldn’t go out of their way to make you feel better or do things you like even if they don’t enjoy it if they didn’t care deeply about you. Stick by them the way they are always there for you.

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2. The Way You Laugh Together

Whether you are a light-hearted person or more reserved, not everyone gets to see your real, silly side. Your partner and you share a special sense of humor, inner jokes that only the two of you understand because you built this relationship on keeping each other happy, making each other laugh. Try to remember that you laugh together more than you fight, so it’s worth going back to that.

10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

3. Don’t Get Insecure

Many couples tend to get very insecure during long fights. They might not be talking regularly, so the doubts and bad thoughts naturally begin to flow into your mind. Maybe your partner is cheating on you since you are fighting or maybe they are planning to end the relationship this time. Remember not to jump to conclusions or invade their privacy. Respect is the number one rule, during both happy times and hard times.

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4. They Constantly Accept You

Neither of you is a saint. You both have your individual flaws, yet they accept you no matter how strange or quirky you are. While everyone from your mom and close friends tells you to tone things down and take life more serious, your partner is always there holding your hand through all your shenanigans and not letting anyone take you down.

10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

5. Find The Strength to Apologize

Owning up to your mistakes is a key part of growing up and being a mature person. It’s even more important in a relationship. Don’t let the fight go on just because you are too proud to admit you were wrong this time. If you messed up, apologize and show them their feelings matter to you more than your ego.

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6. Talk Honestly

Apart from respect, honesty is another essential aspect of being in a relationship. Without it, things just won’t work out. If you are really bothered by something your partner did, talk to them about it and let them know they can do the same when you offend them. Communicating honestly is the only way to mend the problem and heal your emotional wounds.

10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

7. It’s Okay To Ask For Space

Remember that your partner should always respect you enough to give you space if you ask for it and vice versa. Just because you love your partner does not mean you should discard your own feelings or needs. You might need a small break from being with them, to help you gain perspective, and this is a healthy and normal reaction.

8. It Takes Two

When you and your partner are fighting, remember that it takes two to start it, and it’s going to take both of you to fix it. Neither of you should be taking the sole blame for a fight, and you should work together to resolve the problem. The sooner you realize this, the more time you can take to strengthen your relationship and avoid similar conflicts in the future.

10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

9. This Rough Patch Is Temporary

Whether the rough patch you are going through with your partner has lasted a few hours or a few days, remember that it’s only temporary. Things will go back to normal once you talk it over and apologize for hurting each other. And things can also be even better now that you understand each other more.

10. They Still Love You

Sometimes we hurt the people we love, it’s a natural part of life. You and your partner aren’t always going to get along and that’s okay. Remember that your partner still loves you even if they aren’t saying it at the moment. Cherish each other and the happy times, because your love is worth much more than any small fight you may have.

10 Things To Remember When You Are Fighting With Your Partner

What is one thing you remember when you in your partner are fighting? Share your stories in the comments below!

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