5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

The bullet journal has taken over the internet. It has become the new way to keep track of your life, your habits, your schedule, and your assignments. But there is more to the bullet journal than keeping your life together. You can use your bullet journal for so many different things, the possibilities are endless! Here are 5 things you can put in your bullet journal to have fun with!

1. TV Show Tracker

If you are anything like me, you love to watch TV shows. Sometimes, I have trouble keeping track of all of the TV shows that you are watching. I am constantly dropping one show to get to the next, and then going back to that original show, just jumping around from show to show without even finishing one before going to the next. This typically results in my losing track of what season of each show I was on. In my bullet journal, I like to keep track of all of the shows that I am watching, marking each season I finish so that when I go back to it I know exactly what season I left off on, making it easier to find my spot. Plus, this makes it easier to keep track of what shows I am even watching. It’s a super fun way to be proud of my “accomplishments” of finishing a show.

5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

2. Birthdays!

I always forget when my friends birthdays are. I appreciate it a lot when my friends shoot me a text or call me on my birthday, so I like to try and do the same to them! I like to have all of their birthdays written down in one place so that every month I can look and know whose birthday is coming up! My bullet journal is the perfect place to put this!

5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

3. How to Draw…

I love to draw. I think it is so much fun, but I am not very good at it. The step by step “how to draw” things help me a lot to be able to draw cute little things without them looking ridiculous. I like to make some of these for myself in my bullet journal. It’s a great way to express something you might love, have a little bit of fun, and try some things to relax! You can take this in any direction that you want, it can be something different for every person!

5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

4. Bucket List

Everybody has that list of things they wish to do one day. Maybe it’s to do the splits or touch your toes. Maybe its to graduate at the top of your class, or travel the world. Everybody’s bucket list is original and unique to them. In the bullet journal is the best place to list these! A place that is completely yours, you can write down your bucket list and put little doodles around it, making it look very cute and pretty! It’s a great way to motivate you to meet your goals! When you know that at the end of the road, there is something that you are going to check off, you feel so good about yourself and get excited to do it!

5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

5. Book Tracker

I love to read. Not everybody loves to read. So this one doesn’t have to be a book tracker. It can be a movie tracker or a podcast tracker, anything that you want to track completed, that will fit in this category! You can make it look incredible and beautiful and motivate you to finish these things! I find it hard to find time for reading, but with this, I am motivated to read my books so that I can color it in on my page!

5 Things To Put In Your Bullet Journal To Have Fun With

Do you have any other ideas for fun things to put in your bullet journal? Let us know in the comments down below!

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