10 Delicious Things To Order At Starbucks Besides Coffee

Starbucks is great place to order coffee, but not all of us are coffee drinkers! If you love Starbucks but coffee isn't your favorite drink, here are 10 things to order at Starbucks besides coffee.

“Want to meet at Starbucks?” You hear it all the time. This coffee shop has become the default meeting place for any first date, friendly catch-up or interview. Which is great, because there’s practically a Starbucks on every corner and they’re drinks aren’t too overpriced. But what happens when the thought of downing a tall iced coffee with a shot of caramel makes your stomach lurch? For all the coffee haters out there, going to Starbucks can be a real nightmare. Standing in line, not knowing what on earth to order that doesn’t include the bitter aftertaste of their dark roast and then settling for a water. Thankfully, there are delicious non-coffee items on the menu, and here are the 10 best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!

1. Chai Tea Latte

This is a classic for anti-coffee people. It comes hot or iced, so it’s a go-to all year round. It almost tastes like a gingerbread cookie which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

These are some of the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!

2. Pink Drink

If you want to look trendy, this is the drink for you when it comes to the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee. These creamy-pink beverages are all over social media, and rightfully so. Pink drinks are technically strawberry refreshers with coconut milk and they taste like a dream.

These are some of the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!

3. Green Tea Lemonade

This is an all-time favorite. It’s refreshing and light and great for a warm summer’s day!

4. Iced Black Tea

I mean come on! You can literally never go wrong with an iced tea. I recommend getting a shot of sweetener just to make this classic a little better.

5. Zebra Hot Chocolate

This is for all the chocolate lovers out there. It’s a mixture of white and regular chocolate syrups, so you don’t get overwhelmed with a traditionally rich drink. Plus, who can pass up a drink named after an adorable animal??

6. Green Tea Frappuccino

Who doesn’t want to seem a little healthier by slurping on a green drink? This iconic Starbucks drink got a little twist with the green tea Matcha powder that makes it so tasty.

These are some of the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!7. Strawberry Smoothie

Starbucks’ smoothies are great because they use an entire banana in each one! Talk about potassium! Plus they taste great and are another great way to stay refreshed during the hot summer months.

8. Vanilla Steamer

If you’re tired of hot chocolate, give this one a try. It’s a great alternative that has a warm vanilla flavor and is topped with whipped cream. Could it get any better? (I don’t think so!)

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9. The Coldbuster

This drink is perfect for those days when you just aren’t feeling 100 percent. It’s jammed packed with cold-healing remedies that will soothe a sore throat and clear clogged sinuses.

These are some of the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!

10. Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

I mean, what a beautiful name and drink to end on. This one not only looks great but it tastes even better! It’s Passion tea and lemonade shaken up with a little sweetener for taste.

These are some of the best things to order at Starbucks besides coffee!

What are some of your favorite things to order at Starbucks besides coffee? Let us know down below in the comments!


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