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10 Things To NOT Do After College

10 Things To NOT Do After College

10 Things To NOT Do After College

Whew! The sweet surrealistic feeling of finishing college never felt so good. I mean, you’ve only been going to school since you were about five years old. I bet at this time you’re thinking it’s okay to take a break from the routine of getting up early, going to school and doing huge amounts of homework. I am not saying you can’t take a break because after all, you deserve it! You put in a lot of work to get where you are. My only advice is to not get too comfortable. Here are ten things NOT to do after college so you don’t find yourself getting stuck.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

1. Do Not Sit On Your A**!

I can’t stress this enough. It is important for you to not get too comfortable with just sitting around because not only are you not staying active, but you’re probably getting on your parent’s nerves as well. No one wants to come home with a grown man/woman chilling on the sofa doing absolutely nothing after a long day’s work. Remind yourself to be more considerate. Help out around the house and stay out the way. By all means, enjoy your life, party, sleep, slump on the floor next to the dog while eating a bowl of Cheetos, but, do not get lazy.

2. Don’t get stuck in a dead end job.

You know what’s worse than sitting around your parents’ house doing absolutely nothing? Working in a job that’s taking you nowhere! I  am not only talking about working at a low entry job in your career field. I am talking about that petty or entry-level job you have before you make take the leap in the getting the dream career you truly want. It is very important to keep your eyes on the prize and realize everything is temporary. Do not let yourself get comfortable. It is easy to get stuck in the routine of going to work every day and work on yourself.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

3. Pay back your loans

If you won’t do it, the government will without your permission, and let me tell you, that is not a fun feeling of staring at your paycheck wondering why it’s so short. You’ll see that Sallie Mae has taken a huge chunk from you because you’ve ignored all her emails on getting on a payment plan of paying her back. It’s best to get on top of these people so you can budget on your own terms.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

4. Do NOT get into more debt

Companies are going to start sending you credit cards through the mail or sending you pre-qualified emails and some of you will fall for it. Having a credit card can do you some good, especially for emergencies. But, you have to learn some money control. Do not get into money situations you cannot get out of. If you do, you’re going to be spending the rest of your twenties owing people money and paying them back.

5. Do NOT Befriend Associates

Plain and simple, everyone is not your friend. By the time we all finish college, we are still in the midst of our twenties; which means we are still learning the hard lessons of life and what it brings. Some of us has learned the life lessons of knowing who your REAL friends are. Keeping the wrong company in your circle can throw you off focus. You must distinguish those who are there for you or not.

6. Distance From Family and Friends

A family is forever! No one can ever love you as much as your family. Yes, you may fuss and fight but they are going to love you and have your back no matter what. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know some family members are toxic, but, love those who love you. In dark times, their love and encouragement will be entirely helpful. Having real friends around will have the same benefit. They don’t sugar coat anything from you. There’s nothing like it while trying to make it out in the world.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

7. Settle

You get back what you put in. If you don’t like something or life isn’t going the way you want it after college, be careful not to settle for just anything. Work at it! That goes for jobs and relationships. Go for your wants and desires. You are the only one holding you back. Try changing your mindset into something more positive.

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8. Not Look For Something Better

Always look to better yourself no matter what area in your life. After college, we are so occupied on having that perfect job because we feel that’ll make us happy. This may be true. So, if you’re not happy where you are, keep an eye out for other opportunities.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

9. Never Stop Networking

Whether you believe it or not, people in power did not make it to where they are by themselves. They had little help. I don’t care if you think you are the luckiest person in the world, someone had to come to you and give you an opportunity or gave you a spark of inspiration and made something better out of it. Networking can get you to where you need to be, but, you should know that already. Sometimes, it’s about who you know to get to the next stage.

10 Things To NOT Do After College

10. Never give up

No matter what happens in life, never give up on your dreams. If you want to start your own firm or small non-profit business, keeping working at it! Everything happens in time and it is very easy to forget that in this day and age. Do not underestimate the progress of a baby step and forget anyone who tells you otherwise. Keep moving and keep having faith in YOURSELF! I know it sounds cliché but it’s more than true. If you believe in yourself, it’s more than likely to turn out fine.

The after college life is for resting, but, one day you are going to have to get up off the couch. You didn’t put in those late nights and early mornings for nothing. Stay focused on your dreams and go after what you want. What did you guys do after you were through with school? Please comment any advice you may have for your fellow peers on what to expect for that after college life.

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