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10 Things To Never Talk About During Sorority Recruitment

10 Things To Never Talk About During Sorority Recruitment

While we have many guides about sorority recruitment, the things to never talk about during sorority recruitment is very important. Don't bring up these things!

Recruitment is an exciting yet stressful time, you get to look forward to meeting your new sisters but you have the stress of trying to figure out who those sisters will be. For incoming freshman there are so many people telling you what to do or say during the conversations you have with your potential sisters. So here are some things to never talk about during sorority recruitment.

1. “What kind of parties do you guys have?”

Sororities aren’t all about partying and if this is your viewpoint then you are in for disappointment. While we do party, we don’t party anymore than the average college student, and we aren’t in the market for sisters who are only interested in what kind of parties we throw.


2. “What fraternities do you hang out with?”

Despite popular belief certain sororities do not only hang out with certain fraternities. We do tend to be closer to some rather than others, we aren’t going to advertise that during recruitment. This makes us think you are only rushing to meet guys in fraternities, and that’s not cool.



3. “I bet I’m going to get a bid from * insert different sororities name here *”

Of you are going to have a favorite chapter while going through this process, but don’t forget to keep an open mind about the others. You never know what sorority might might surprise you.

4. “I partied a lot in high school.”

Once again we are not allowed to talk about partying during recruitment, so bringing it up can make your potential sister feel uncomfortable.


5. “I could never live in a house with 30 girls.”

Saying this makes it seem like you are not into the whole sisterhood aspect. Sisterhood is very important to talk about and seem interested in during recruitment. We want to hear how you will be a great addition to our sisterhood.


6. “I’m only rushing because my mom wanted me to.”

Hearing this we automatically think that once join and make friends you are going to drop. Instead talk about what draws you to Greek life, is it the community, the philanthropy, or maybe your sister or friend joined one and you see how much they love it.



7. No Swearing

This one should be obvious, but you would be surprised. Swearing during recruitment is a sure-fire way to make sure your not invited back.

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8. Don’t talk politics

Another obvious one, but yet here I am because people don’t understand common sense. You never know what someone’s beliefs are, no matter the sorority’s reputation the sister you are talking to may have completely different view than you and you could end up offending them, which is not a good way to get a bid.

9. “So I’m getting a bid here right?”

Assuming you are getting a bid is a big no no. No matter how well you connect with a girl it doesn’t guarantee you a bid. Also the girls are not allowed to promise bids to anyone, this puts the sister you are talking to in a very awkward situation.


10. Don’t Stress

Take deep breathes, and just know that no matter where you end up, you found your home.

Are there any other things to never talk about during sorority recruitment? Comment below!
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