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10 Things To Look For In A Roommate

10 Things To Look For In A Roommate

Finding a roommate is one of the most important parts of moving into college. These are the qualities to look for when deciding on your roommate!

With college comes tons of exciting new things, including finding your first roommate! As summer roles around most people have already picked out their roommates. Some people want a best friend and others simply want someone they can comfortably share a space with. Whatever you are looking for in a roommate, it is important to ask tons of questions and be 100% yourself. For the few people who committed to a school late or just have not found a roommate yet, these 10 tips on finding a roommate should help!

1. Shared interests

The easiest way to find common ground with someone is through shared interests. So whether you are finding a roommate on Facebook or a roommate server, be sure to ask about their hobbies. For example, if you notice in their original post that they love football as much as you, make sure to let them know that you have that in common. Common interests are also an amazing to start conversations if you are nervous about talking to a complete stranger. If you are looking to make a good friend in your future roommate, shared hobbies will definitely be a good start to your friendship.

2. To party or not to party?

For most people, partying and drinking is a big part of college. You will find a lot of people who are comfortable with partying but also a few who would rather stay in or are sober for personal reasons. No matter which way you feel about partying it is super important to let your roommate know which way you fall. It would be awful if you are sober and you come home to your dorm room being full of booze and weed. A plus to finding a roommate with common opinions on drinking/smoking is also great because you can always have a pregame buddy! Be mature and make sure you are upfront with your partying choices to your future roommate.


3. Sense of humor

Everyone likes to laugh! When looking for a roommate make sure to find someone who understands your sense of humor and can also make you laugh. Laughter is a great way to feel comfortable with a new person, including a new roommate. Make sure if you have a raunchy sense of humor you don’t room with a prude and if you have a more PG sense of humor you don’t room with a late night comic. Humor is another awesome way to bond with your new bestie!

4. Stalk away!

As superficial as it sounds, social media tells you a lot about a person. Look for these things when stalking a potential roomie: do they post photos with friends? do they have a similar style to you? do they get lots of comments on their posts? and do you follow similar celebrities? Checking out your potential roommates social media is definitely helpful when trying to narrow down your choices!

5. Single and ready to mingle or tied down?

When starting college, you will meet three types of people: single people, the ones in long distance relationships, and the ones who come to college with their s.o.  If you are looking for someone to go out with you on weekends and spend loads of time with, you will want to find a single roommate. If you like your space, but still like having some time with your roommate, go for someone in a long distance relationship.


6. Cleanliness

Are you super clean and tidy or could you care less about the cleanliness of your room? No matter which way you fall, make sure to let your future roommate know how you like to keep your room. For some people this is not make or break but for others this is very important. Sometimes a need for organization is even a good way to bond with your new roommate. You could even share Pinterest boards you have about dorm room organization!

7. Sharing is caring

This point is great for a potential roommate but also one you have already decided on. Make sure the ground rules have been established when it comes to sharing. Are they bringing household appliances? If yes, make sure they are ok with you using them as well. The worst thing that you could fight about it with your roommate is why their are no longer has any Keurig pods, when the Keurig machine was not supposed to be communal in the first place. Another thing to check on when it comes to sharing is clothes. Some roommates love to have a shared wardrobe while others like to keep their outfits to themselves. Just be sure to check in on the sharing policy when meeting a new roommate.

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8. Health challenges

If you have a special health condition, an allergy or illness, be sure to let them know. If they are an ideal roommate they will be caring and understanding, whereas if they are not the perfect fit for you they will probably be confused or not helpful with your condition. Look for a roommate who can care for you in a time of need but also be understanding of your space and special needs with your health challenges.

9. Past vs. future

Knowing where your roommate is from and where they are headed is very important. Often finding out you are from the same town or attended a similar high school is a great starting point for a friendship. On the flip side, having a shared future goal of major can also spark amazing conversation. Try to have interesting messages with a potential roommate by chatting about your past but also your future!

10. Equally excited!

Finally, make sure you find a roommate who is equally as excited for college as you are! Get a roommate who will be fine receiving constant texts about new dorm decor ideas, paragraphs about your excitement to meet them, and of course any juicy gossip you feel they should be filled in on.

Do you have any funny/insane roommate stories!? Share in the comments below!

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