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14 Things To Know When Starting A YouTube Channel

14 Things To Know When Starting A YouTube Channel

If you're wondering how to start a Youtube channel, there are some steps to take and things to do to create a successful youtube channel. Here are things to know when starting a youtube channel!

So, you have finally decided to take the leap and start your own YouTube channel. That’s wonderful because you can show people what you are passionate about, make new friends, have new experiences, and just simply have fun doing it. But wait you suddenly realize you have no idea how to go about starting your channel. Have no fear because with my 14 tips on what to expect and do when starting a YouTube channel, before you know it, you will have millions of subscribers.

Things To Know When Starting A Youtube Channel

1. Don’t Make a Channel Just so You Can Become Famous or Make Money

Before even starting your channel, you want to make sure that you are making it for the right reasons. If your goal is to become famous or make a lot of money then you will be greatly disappointed. Yes, it is true that youtubers make a lot of money off their videos and are recognized in public but it takes time for that to happen. You should want to make videos because you want to tell people about something, have a desire for something, or just simply enjoy editing and filming.

 2. Don’t Make Videos Just to Get Free Stuff

If you watch any makeup youtubers then you have probably noticed that they are constantly getting sent free makeup. That sounds awesome to get free makeup because let’s be real makeup is expensive.  Now don’t think that “Oh maybe if I make makeup videos then I will start getting free makeup sent to me.” That is not at all why you should start a YouTube channel. These youtubers that get sent free stuff did not get sent these things until they had a fair number of subscribers and signed a brand deal.


YouTuber Getting Free Makeup

 3. Don’t Spend a lot of Money on Equipment

I had trouble figuring out what kind of camera to get because cameras are quite expensive. I suggest you wait until you know you dedicate yourself to making videos and have a lot of subscribers before spending a lot of money on equipment. You can just use your cell phone to film which is something nobody thinks about. Using the sunlight for your lighting is another great option because it is free. I discovered this video that is very helpful in knowing what equipment to buy that is not to expensive which is called The Best YouTube Gear For Under $100.

4. Know What You Want Your Channel to Be About

One of the hardest parts about starting a channel is simply figuring out what kind of videos you want to make. Some of the most common types of videos are fashion and makeup, diys, gaming, and vlogs. If you love any of these areas then that’s great. The easiest way to figure out what kind of videos you want to make is to think about what you are passionate about or what videos you love to watch on YouTube


 5. Be Creative in The Type of Videos That You Post

With more and more people making videos it can get hard to come up with a video idea that has not already been done before. A way to help with this is to see which videos are the most popular on YouTube now and find out what in general is popular. By knowing this information, you can put a spin on the most popular videos on YouTube by using what is so popular outside of YouTube.

challenge, Joey, and video image

6. Be Yourself in Your Videos and Be Repeatable

There is nothing more that I hate then watching a video and knowing that the person in the video is acting like someone they are not or are trying to act like their life is perfect. Vlog videos are my favorite videos to watch because you see people’s daily lives which is repeatable and you see them being themselves. So, if you want people to like your videos then be yourself and don’t make your life seem like it is perfect. As Hanna Montana stated, “Nobody’s Perfect”.


7.  You Will Be Uncomfortable Talking to The Camera at The Start

This is something that I know I struggle with to this day. It is perfectly normal to have trouble talking to your camera when you first start making videos. To help with this you can have someone in the room holding up cue cards so you know what to say or just talk to your camera like you are talking to your friends. Before you know it talking to your camera is not so nerve-racking anymore.

8. Look Nice in Your Videos

I know that I am not the only one that notices that all the popular female youtubers on YouTube are always wearing a full face of makeup and have their hair perfectly curled. I will be honest and say what helps make me like a video more is when the Youtuber put the time and effort into their looks. Nobody wants to watch a video were someone has greasy hair, stains on their shirt, and food in their teeth.


Someone Disgusted at the Way Someone Looks

9.  Have a Good Background

If I were watching a video on YouTube where there is a pile of dirty clothes in the background I would immediately stop watching the video.  To prevent this from happening a lot of YouTubers film in front of a blank white wall. The YouTuber Zoella aka Zoe Sugg likes to film sitting on her bead with fairy lights on the wall which is another option.

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YouTuber Zoella aka Zoe Sugg likes to film sitting on her bead with fairy lights on the wall

10. Upload Your Videos Regularly

This is something that I know I don’t do because of my busy life. Your subscribers do not like it if at the beginning of every video you state “Sorry I have not uploaded a new video in a while”. I do state this in all my videos and it can get annoying. Having an upload schedule lets your subscribers know when you are uploading a new video. Don’t become that Youtuber that falls off the face of the earth and only uploads videos once every three months or doesn’t upload videos until two years later.

11.  Have a Video Playing Immediately When Someone Goes to Your Channel

By having a video immediately playing on your channel it helps people who are new to your channel know what video to watch. What I did for my channel which I recommend is have an intro video play instantly when someone goes to your channel. That way someone can learn about who you are, what types of videos you upload, and when you upload videos.


12.  It Takes Time to Gain a Lot of Subscribers

I have made videos for about two years and am still trying to gain more subscribers. What helps with this is promoting your channel on your social media accounts. Also, being good at editing your videos helps because it can make your video look more professional. As of now your thumbnail is very important and I suggest using PickMonkey to create one because it is easy to use.

13.  Be Proud of The Videos That You Upload

I will be honest and admit that I have trouble doing this myself with my own videos. A way to achieve this is to have good editing skills. One of the main reasons why I love someone’s video is because of the editing they did to it. Another way is to just know that you put the time and effort into making your video. Keep in mind that if you are not proud of your video then the people who view it will not give it a like because they probably don’t like it as well.

14. There Will Be Hate

In a perfect world everyone would spread love and there would be no such thing as hate. We all know that could never happen so you will get hate for your videos. Just know that with every hate comment you get there will be a million more comments where people love your videos. As they say spread love not hate.

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