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10 Things to Know if You’re Rushing a Sorority from a Sorority Girl

10 Things to Know if You’re Rushing a Sorority from a Sorority Girl

Rushing a sorority can be like culture shock to a freshman coming to campus for the first time. There is a lot of smiling and clapping and it can be hard to navigate. From the outside it can look like these girls are perfect and genuine, but there is a look going on being the scenes that is really sneaky. Knowing those secrets about rushing can be the difference between getting a bid or not. Rush is like a game, so make sure you’re the best player. Here are 10 things to know if you’re rushing from a sorority girl.

1. We already know everything you did in high school.

When we are rushing we have girls who dig up as much information as we can about you. We know that you and your best friend went to Mexico for your senior trip and we know that you were president of the chess club. While you’re rushing tell us things that make you stand out. We’re looking for girls who can carry on our legacy and be leaders for the sorority in the future.

2. You won’t get a bid if you had sex with someone’s boyfriend.

Rushing can be mean sometimes and the meanest thing of all is blacklisting. If you are rushing and you did something to piss off one of the girls in the chapter, you will be blacklisted from that house and will not get a bid. It’s not fair, but that is just the way it is. If you did something really bad we will tell the other chapters and get them to blacklist you too. It is really really hard to get blacklisted. Just don’t hookup with the Alpha Rho Gamma chapter president’s boyfriend during your college tours and you should be fine.


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3. We need you to sound like you’re rich.

Being in a sorority is expensive and we need to know that you can pay your dues. If you won’t stop talking about how you got all of your clothes from the clearance rack, you might ruin your chances of getting a bid. If you talk about your families annual trip to your beach house in Miami, the girl rushing you will probably assume you can fulfill your financial obligations.

4. We hate the chanting as much as you do.

The chants are catchy and cute, but we know it looks very culty. There is nothing more terrifying than being a freshman and walking up to your first party and having them swing the doors open just to reveal hundreds of girls clapping and screaming in perfect synchronization. None of us know why we do it, but we know we won’t stop because out chant director will yell at us after the party if Maddie was clapping off beat again. The chants are weird and we’re sorry this is your first impression of us.


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5. We want to know if you like us or not.

There are some unspoken rules to rushing and for some reason everyone thinks they have to keep it a secret if they like each other or not. Just make it easy on us. Don’t be afraid to tell us you do or don’t like us. If you don’t want a bid from us, we will try to cut you. We don’t want you to get stuck with us and drop out later. If you do like us, tell us! Nothing will make us happier and we will put you high on our bid list. Pro tip: there is nothing stopping you from telling every sorority you want to be one of their members. Do with that information what you will.

6. Your Instagram aesthetic matters.

We will 100% be stalking your Instagram before you start rushing. A picture says a thousand words, so make sure you’re showing off your best side. If we click your profile and it isn’t visually appealing, we will think you don’t know how to be cute and girly. It is very superficial and ridiculous, but it is true. We will also be suspicious of you if your Instagram is private. Make it public and make it cute. Follow some girls who are already in the sorority to get them to notice you.


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7. You need to be a little fake.

Yes we want genuine girls, but we also want you to say exactly what we want to hear. I would not rule out lying your way through rush to make yourself sound better. Literally nobody is going to fact check you. Just tell the girls exactly what they want to hear and you will get a bid. They want to hear that you are rich, nice, funny, smart, and involved in your community. Just make yourself sound like the most perfect angel person in the world.

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8. We don’t really care what you’re wearing during rush week.

Rushing should have its own sport in the Olympics because it is so tiring. We don’t care if you wear athletic shorts and tennis shoes. We might care a little, but there is no way we will remember what you were wearing. We will remember your face and hair though, so try to look put together. We understand it is hard to sit in really crowded places in uncomfortable clothes for a week straight.

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9. We want you to like us as much as you want us to like you.

Rushing is a two way street. If a girl doesn’t like us, she can cut us. We know that and we want to say everything we can to impress you. The house is usually not filled with thousands of balloons and we definitely don’t always dress this cute. We are trying to get you to like us.


10. We want you to find your perfect home.

Sorority recruitment is kind of a joke, but we do want everyone to end up in their best fit. Rushing sucks and nobody really likes it, but it is worth it in the end. Just get through the week of rushing and you will be glad you did.

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What secrets is your sorority hiding from the girls rushing? Let us know.