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10 Things To Know For The University of Oregon Orientation

10 Things To Know For The University of Oregon Orientation

Introduction at University of Oregon is crucial. Knowing about University of Oregon orientation iwill help get you by. Here are 10 things to know about UO.

If you are anything like me, you need to know exactly what’s happening or else you get a little stressed. Introduction is a huge thing at UO. It’s mandatory and you have to spend at least one night in a dorm if you’re a fall freshman. It can seem scary but trust me, you’ll get through it and wonder why you were so worried in the first place. Take some deep breaths and I’ll tell you ten things I wish someone told me to make my introduction an even better experience.

1. Wear comfortable and versatile clothing!

It’s most likely going to be hot, like really hot, when you attend Introducktion. You’re also going to be walking all over campus. I know you’re going to want to wear your cutest outfit so you can impress your new fellow ducks but it’s not fun to meet people when you’re uncomfortable. Being sweaty is one of the worst feelings and can definitely kill your ~social college vibes~ so skip out on the new ankle boots and just wear your regular tennis shoes with shorts.


2. It’s more focused on learning about the school than meeting new people.

I went into Introducktion thinking it was going to be only ice breakers and group activities. Even though you get put in a flock group and you are grouped with them for Introducktion and Week of Welcome, most of time is spent in various classrooms listening to presentations about safety, classes, and meetings. You still have the opportunity to make new friends at the gym time given on the first night. University of Oregon orientation is fun.

3. Download the Be A Duck app!!!

I got emails prior saying to download the app but of course I didn’t listen until I realized it’s a life saver. Once you download the app, download the Introduction guide and your entire schedule will be on there. It has very important information like maps, what your parents will be doing, building names, and you can customize your schedule. It also is very helpful when your parents are trying to park or drop you off.

4. Showing school spirit isn’t lame at all, it’s encouraged!

In high school, there’s a weird stigma around showing school spirit causing some to think it’s lame and embarrassing. Forget all about that! Don’t be embarrassed to be proud about becoming a duck! You’re going to have to do some things with your flock that require energy and pride about your new school. Introducktion isn’t nearly as fun if you don’t want to do any of the activities that are supposed to hype freshman year. I started off my Introducktion in the mindset that I was going to play it “cool and chill” but I didn’t start having fun until I gave up on that. At University of Oregon orientation you realize the school spirit is unreal.


5. Some people already want to check out the Oregon night life, you don’t have to.

On day one, it isn’t long until you start hearing talk about what parties are going on that night. You have to stay in the dorms that night so everyone is struck with this newfound freedom. There’s Rec Night going on until 11pm where the gym is only opened to students attending Introducktion and you can rock climb, take a zumba class, work out, play games, and basically have fun. University of Oregon orientation helps you see what’s out there. It’s recommended but not mandatory. If you get in trouble on night one of Introducktion for illegal substances, it really doesn’t look good and you’ll regret it. If you’re fine taking that risk, then you do you. Just know, you don’t have to just to impress people.

6. It doesn’t hurt to bring a few snacks and water at University of Oregon orientation.

You’re going to be walking around a lot and like mentioned earlier, it’s probably going to be hot. Lunch and dinner are provided the first day and breakfast the second day but you might get a little hungry in between and want something. There’s some free time in between certain activities so you can use that time to chill, hydrate, and make some friends by offering whatever you’re snacking on. University of Oregon orientation has some pretty decent down-time so stock up.


7. You really don’t need to pack that extra outfit.

I get it. You need to expect the unexpected but you’re only staying in the dorm one night (unless you’re the select few that opt for two nights which is totally fine!) All you really need is pajamas, an outfit for day two, work out clothes to change into after dinner, and your toiletries. Parking can be really bad for the parents due to summer session so after everything you did for Introducktion, you’re going to have to carry your bag to the car which could be blocks away. Just pack light, you’re not moving in!

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8. Do your homework!

On day one, you’re going to have a general meeting with advisors from your major about the requirements for your major and the schools requirements for graduation. Most likely, they’re going to tell you to look at your workbook and already start deciding what classes you want to take. Do it!!! Going to your advising appointment the following day feels ten times better when you actually know what you’re talking about. It’s nerve-wracking talking to an advisor for the first time but walking in with confidence helps a ton.


9. Don’t get so caught up in everything, you forget to take pictures.

I’m from California so I had to take a little vacation to Oregon for Introducktion and I was so nervous, I have almost no pictures from it. You’re allowed to have your phone with you at all times so take pictures with your new friends, your SOSer, the campus, and everything you’re doing. Once you leave and you have weeks until move in, you’re going to want to look back on the memories while missing your future home.

10. Everyone is in the same boat as you.

I can guarantee you that everyone is nervous about what Introducktion has in store, despite it showing or not. Everyone wants to make friends before school starts and this is the perfect time to start chatting to the person next to you and create a friendship. Just because you can reinvent yourself in college, don’t change yourself only to make friends. You’ll meet tons of people, have a great time, and finally become an official duck! University of Oregon orientation helps you realize this.

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