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Things To Know Before Going To Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Party

Things To Know Before Going To Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Party

College. A time for self-discovery, unimaginable shenanigans, unforgettable friends, all-nighters, coffee, and wild nights! We’ve all been there and maybe are still there. Whether you’re an underclassman just beginning or a second-year senior who hasn’t had a night out in ages, we know you’ll join us in an extended eye roll as we take a stroll down memory lane. The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s party scene is a constant work in progress. Edwardsville isn’t your typical college town; the campus is simply one piece of a larger family friendly community.

House parties may last an hour or two before the police shut them down and bars in the area typically serve an older crowd, so you can imagine how lame the local party scene can be! Nevertheless, many up and coming entrepreneurs in the area have worked hard to change the traditionally “dry” party atmosphere Edwardsville offers. So, let’s take a look at our unpredictable freshmen fails on the party scene and ways these promoters help spice up your college experience at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

1. Fully charged?!

A full battery is essential to safety, it ensures that you are not stranded if you ever need to order an uber if you’ve had one too many drinks. As well all know too well, clicking through social media or snapping a few pics will quickly drain your battery. To avoid this, carry a small portable charger or purchase a phone case with a battery pack that will charge your phone as necessary.


2. Zero or Expensive Alcohol

Alcohol can be costly! If you are going to a house party, prepare for a shabby makeshift bar riddled with empty bottles and beer cans if you arrive fashionably late. Oh, but you want a vodka cranberry. Well, keep a look out for your local party promoters, two of which have worked hard to create that grown and sexy vibe many upperclassmen crave. From back to school parties to holiday themed parties or simply an excuse to go out and dress to impress, these groups have the clubs packed out and turnt up! However, expect to pay a pretty penny for your mixed drinks. Unless you’re a girl and just that fine, you could get it for the free ninety-nine!

3. BYOB or BYOC?

Bring your own bottle or bring your own chaser! To avoid those pricey club drinks, pre-gaming with friends is always cost effective. You and three other close friends could enjoy a quality bottle of liquor for only five bucks a piece. If you’re feeling really extravagant, someone could bring their blender and make margaritas. This way you’re feeling a little saucy and saving money at the same time! However make sure you’re of age, because you will get carded at any establishment around Southern Illinois University. 


4. Free ninety-nine?

At this point you should know most college students’ ball on a nonexistent budget and won’t want to pay for a party every other weekend. Get to know a promoter at Southern Illinois University that will let you skip the line and enter at a discounted price or for free. This will be crucial because once it begins to get cold outside you won’t want to wait outside in your little black dress.


5. Bring a wingman?

Its encouraged to bring along a trusting buddy when attending a party, especially to a club. A friend will know when you’ve had far too many shots and it’s time to go, they create diversions when you’re receiving too much unwanted attention, makes building friendships less awkward and most importantly will make sure you get home safely at the end of night.

6. Be open to meeting new people!

While you can stay with your wingman during the night, don’t forget to mingle because you could possibly meet a great friend or even love. Getting to know a few of the Greeks at Southern Illinois University couldn’t hurt, especially if you have aspirations of rushing a fraternity or sorority. Never try too hard, simply be yourself and you will attract the right people and form bonds.



7. So many spills!

As the night goes on keep in mind that tipsy party goers spill several drinks all the time! It gets a little ridiculous, but never take those heels off ladies! The dance floor is sure to be sticky. Sometimes sticky enough to steal a shoe or make you slip when you drop it low. Parties can get a little gross, especially the women’s bathroom making you wonder why you decided to waste that outfit.

8. Be mindful of what you’re drinking!

If you’re not familiar with ordering drinks, you should avoid mixing your drinks at the party. Liquor affects everyone differently and there is no way of knowing how it will affect your tummy. One rule of thumb to always keep in mind, is not to mix your liquor! If you start with Hennessy, stick with it. Certain liquors do not mix well and could have catastrophic consequences. For instance, vomiting all over the dance floor and you don’t want to be remembered that way. Especially at Southern Illinois University, the police will arrest you for public intoxication. Be careful! 


9. Snapchat debauchery!

Let’s be honest, no one wants to see a ten-minute long documentary of your party shenanigans, especially if you’re drunk! You may think your 

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followers can’t hear your side conversations or snide comments about another person, but even with all those loud noises and flashing lights, they hear you loud and clear! Funny shenanigans caught on camera may seem innocent, but then you remember you accidently added your dad on Snapchat, and he doesn’t find it funny. Oops! So, keep it classy, have someone hold your phone or review your snaps before you post, it’ll save you embarrassment.

10. To delete or not to delete?!

You get all dressed up, you’ve already pre-gamed with your homies, now you’re at the party and want to take a few pictures… Oh boy, you look fine! Caution! You probably just took a blurry picture with red eyes, messy hair, and a disheveled outfit. But we’re here for you, that blurry picture of you dancing your life away will be regretted in the morning and the filter won’t make it better. This should be classified as an anytime-you-party mistake because I’m guilty of this till this very day!



11. Be Aware of Your surroundings

It does not matter how good the party is getting or if you got that number you’ve been waiting for all night, you must always pay attention to your surroundings and anything you plan on consuming. Never leave your drink or food unattended or with a new acquaintance and if you do, consider it trash! Lastly, always have a plan of action to return home if the situation calls for it. Simply drink responsibly, maintain your equilibrium, and have fun!



12. Never leave the party with a stranger!

This fact is true for both men and women, leaving a party with a person you’ve just met could be potentially dangerous, even more so if you are intoxicated. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an extremely huge campus which can get scary at night. If you’re ready to go and your friends are not, share your location with them and order an uber. To ensure safety have someone wait outside with you and walk you to your uber. Also, for extra precaution send your driver’s license plate number to a trusted friend. 

What are some things that guarantee an amazing night out at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville? Comment below with party advice!