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10 Things To Know Before Going On Vacation Alone

10 Things To Know Before Going On Vacation Alone

10 Things To Know Before Going On Vacation Alone

Going on vacation alone can be really scary to think about, no matter how you define it. Whether it’s your first time on vacation without your parents, or its a complete solo trip, these tips I’m about to share with you will help you navigate your independent vacation.

1. Air B&B Over a Hotel

Choosing an Air B&B over a hotel is perfect if you’re on a budget during your trip. It also gives to more options when it comes to location and what you want to be near. It also provides that much more privacy to make your trip truly a vacation alone. Just be sure to scope out those reviews from previous renters before you make your stay official.

2. Cook Your Own Food

If you’re going on vacation alone expecting to eat every meal out, it going to cost you…a lot. My favourite thing to do when I get to a location is Uber it to the nearest grocery store and stock up on easy breakfast foods and packable snacks. You’ll save a ton of money. Booking an Air B&B will also help with that, especially if it comes with a kitchen.


3. Remember Money For Transportation

A lot of people always forget that getting places on a vacation that’s not on a resort costs money. Make sure you budget how much it’ll cost to take local transportation, Uber, or a Taxi before you arrive at your destination.

4. Insurance

Make sure you check if your covered health insurance wise, whether it be through a parent, school, work, or an external company. You obviously hope for the best when on vacation, especially, vacation alone, but that makes it all the more important for you to be prepared for every situation.


5. How to Pack

I ordered suitcase dividers on Amazon and they saved my life. You can organize your outfits by day or by article. It’ll help take one stress off your mind and help you focus on the experience instead of whether or not you packed something, or where it is in your suitcase, or if your shampoo spilled out all over your outfits.

6. Plan Site Visits Ahead

Tourist attractions will probably be super prominent on a vacation alone, but these tourist hot spots sometimes require tickets. And if somewhere requires a ticket it means they can sell out. Make sure you  book your site seeing ahead of times to get the days you want and have a fully planned vacation!


7. Plane Attire

If you’ve never been on a plane before make sure you do your research. Unless you’re flying first class, planes are cramped and stuffy, and comfort clothes really make the experience 1000x better. Pull on those joggers and that oversized hoody and snuggle yourself up with a bag of skittles for your flight.

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8. Get Someone to House sit

If you live alone or have some furry friends you’re responsible for, make sure you make plans to have your responsibilities taken care of. A close friend will do! Most cities also have kept daycares now where your furry children can stay over night.

9.  Ensure Your Cellphone Works

Make sure to check with your cell phone provider that your phone can be used in other countries. Most companies charge a small daily fee to continue using your plan. Safety should be a number one priority when you vacation alone.

10.  Have Fun

Make sure you have fun! You’re free! No fighting with anyone over what to see or do. It’s all up to you.


Have you ever travelled alone? What are your go to tips for a vacation alone? Let me know in the comments below.

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