7 Things To Know Before Getting A Siberian Husky

With the immense popularity of GOT, came a wave of people wanting their own dyer wolves. While these giant animals are fictional, fans have found a close second; Siberian Huskies. Siberian Huskies are beautiful, wolf-like, canines that possess distinct markings, and often have blue eyes. But before you start begging your landlord to let you bring home a furball of a puppy, there are some things you should know. These majestic animals are not the same as the lab mix you had growing up, I would know, there’s one sitting at my feet right now. So if you are thinking of adding a husky to your family or are just curious what it’s like to have one of these little wolves, here are 7 things you should know before getting a Siberian Husky.

1. They shed a lot.

If you search how often Siberian Huskies shed, you’ll most likely get some answer about that fact that they have two coats, and they will shed their winter coat in spring and may shed their summer coat in fall depending upon the climate they live in. This shedding process claims to take between 2-3 weeks. In my experience, this is incorrect. I would say that this type of husky sheds in small, manageable amounts daily, and that twice a year, there is a molt. Picture a snake shedding its skin. It’s kind of like that. For a month, twice a year, your husky will need to be brushed every day just to keep it under control. So if you aren’t up for that, maybe consider a short haired dog instead. Depending on how much time you can commit to your dog’s upkeep, definitely keep this in mind before getting a Siberian Husky.

2. They talk.

This is a catch 22; it can be both a positive and a negative. Here’s the thing, Siberian Huskies tend to do what I categorize as talk. They don’t bark at you as much as clap back. Just YouTube talking huskies and you’ll get my drift. The reason I am listing this aspect of huskies is that there’s a spectrum. Some talk a little, while others talk a lot. I got lucky, my husky only talks when she gets in trouble, or is irritated with me leaving her at home. However, there are many huskies that are VERY vocal, and talk when the TV is on, when music is playing, or when you are speaking. So while this may be cute for a video, think long-term.

3. They need space.

I am just going to say it, if you are in a one bedroom apartment with no yard, please don’t get a husky. The bottom line is that these dogs need room to run around. They can’t sit in one area all day long and be happy. So unless your home is as ready for a husky as your heart is, reconsider your breed.

4. Its playtime, all the time.

I really thought that having 2 dogs would be easier than having 1. That they would play together, like children, and keep each other busy. Nope. My husky wears out my Boston terrier every day without breaking a sweat. And when she’s done with him, she turns to me with every toy she can carry. Huskies have crazy amounts of energy and need to play for hours every day. So, if you are someone who can’t sit still, it may be a perfect match, but if you are a couch potato at night, you might not want a husky.

5. They cuddle.

This was one of the reasons I got my husky. I wanted a dog that would cuddle with me on the couch and I heard that Siberians were very loving to their owners. That is an understatement. Not only does my husky cuddle with me at night, she has to be by my side at all times. If I move rooms, she moves. It is cute, but it can also be frustrating if you are someone who needs space to think. I would never see this quality as a negative, I just want you to know that a husky is not going to be happy being alone for large amounts of time.

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6. They need exercise.

This type of dog is usually the breed of choice for mushers running the Iditarod in Alaska… they are running dogs. You will need to exercise your husky. Playing tug-o-war in the middle of your Livingroom is not going to do it. They need to be either ran, walked, or worked in some way or another. I’ve seen huskies pulling their owners on skies, sleds, roller skates, and skateboards. There are so many ways to give your dog the exercise they need, so just make sure you do. Before getting a Siberian Husky, make sure you can give it the time and energy they need to live a healthy life.

7. They are amazing.

I know I have just listed all the reasons you might want to reconsider getting a Siberian husky, but the truth is, they are wonderful. They are loyal, funny, playful, and incredibly loving. They may take a little bit of work and time, but they give so much more in return and, if you are ready for the responsibility, they make the best companions.

What do you think are some things to know before getting a Siberian Husky? Let us know in the comments below!
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