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10 Things To Know Before Attending The University Of Oregon

10 Things To Know Before Attending The University Of Oregon

If you need a straightforward list of the things you need to know before you start freshman year, here is your list of 10 things you should know before attending the University of Oregon

Here are the top 10 things you will want to know if you are attending the University of Oregon.

1. The dorms are dreadful, but you will survive!

The easiest way to make friends in your hall is to keep your door open when you’re just hanging out and playing some music. People in your hall will just walk by and want to say “hi!”

2. Buy a frat jacket!

Not an extravagantly cute rain coat, but something you can throw on to go to frat parties and then store in their pantry while you’re dancing the night away!


3. No matter how hungover or exhausted you are, get yourself to class!

You’ll be so tired or your head will be spinning, but making it to your classes is so important. Once you miss one class, the excuses to miss more come easily.


LLC has some of the best and healthiest food on campus! The personal salads are worth the points!


5. You don’t need a bike as a freshman.

You may think before attending the University of Oregon, that the campus is huge and you need a bike everywhere. Honestly, bikes are not good for on campus commuting at UO.

6. Take a history class with Professor Ostler.

He has students reenact scenes from history and he talks very loudly! His teaching methods are fun and make history interesting.


7. ExplOREGON!

Eugene is surrounded by amazing hiking trails and a quick drive from beautiful swimming holes. Get off campus and take in all of Oregon’s beauty!

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8. The rain isn’t forever; spring term will kill your liver and rejuvenate your soul!

Spring term is what you have to look forward to before attending the University of Oregon! Take tons of credits winter term and really buckle down hard on classes. Then, during spring term, take easier classes and have fun!

9. #Scoducks is the number one hashtag and belongs on every post!

Oregon has amazing men and women sports going on all of the time! Get involved and become a part of the loud crowd or join club sports to play yourself!

10. Hats are the move.

They save every bad hair day and keep the rain out of your face!

Share what you feel freshman should know before attending the University of Oregon in the comments below!
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