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10 Things To Know About Dating A College Baseball Player

10 Things To Know About Dating A College Baseball Player

It's every girl's dream come true, but it comes with some drawbacks. Here are some important things to keep in mind when dating a college baseball player.

Dating a college baseball player may be every girl’s low-key dream: cute guys running around in tight pants, getting to wear cute baseball jerseys and ball caps to games and watching your crush do something he loves. While Instagram showcases the perks of your relationship, your cute game-day outfits, the occasional date nights and away game adventures, dating a college baseball player isn’t always easy. If you’re new to the baseball girlfriend fam or thinking about becoming a part of it, here are 10 things you should know about dating a college baseball player.

1. His texting game is a little weak, but you can’t blame him

Between class, weight lifting, homework and practice, he probably won’t be texting you as much as you both would like, and he may even forget to respond before his five hour practice. But can you blame him? He’s got a million things going on, and he’s usually running from one thing to the next until the end of the day. But hey, that just means you get to focus on getting your things done for the day so that you’re free by the time he’s out of practice.

2. A typical practice can range from two to six hours

Six hours sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true and baseball player girlfriends can confirm this. Us girls can get a lot done in six hours, so take advantage of the time and hangout with your friends or catch up on school work. The key is to expect a long practice so you’ll be excited to hear that he’s actually off a little early for once.


3. Valentine’s Day is actually for baseball

Even though it’s a given that every baseball season starts just as Valentine’s Day approaches, this doesn’t mean we get any less salty about it. The hardest part about dating a college baseball player is coming to terms with giving him the holiday. At least it’s an excuse to dress a little cuter for the game, and maybe even surprise your guy afterwards with his favorite take-out and some Netflix.

4. Communication is your BFF

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and practice will get pushed back, or coach will give the guys extra field work before (or after) practice. Whatever the case may be, the key to a healthy relationship with your baseball player is to always communicate with each other about changes in schedules. But, it’s also important not to blame him if practice goes longer than you both anticipated and he didn’t get the chance to give you a heads up. Things happen, so communicate as much as you can, but also be understanding if plans do get cancelled (again).

5. Spring Break doesn’t exist

What’s Spring Break? Baseball players don’t know because evidently that’s the best time to have all the games. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything for the break. There will usually be at least one or two days that the team is off or will only have a morning practice, so you can plan for fun things during that off time. After staying in town for Spring Break the first time, it can be tempting to plan a getaway with your best girlfriends, but just think about how he probably wishes he could get a break too. Be there for him, and plan fun date ideas that’ll help him unwind from (or at least forget about) all the stress from school.


6. They’ll go to parties, but they really want to stay in and relax

This isn’t always the case for the guys who can never turn down a good party, but most baseball players would rather just go home and relax after a long game day. Especially after Saturday’s double-headers. If you ask them to go with you to a party or group date night, they’ll usually say yes because you just spent your entire day watching his games. What he really wants though is a chill night in with you.


7. Massaging his achy arms become a routine thing

Throwing baseballs around for hours a day and intense daily workouts can definitely take a toll on someone’s body. If you see that he’s constantly rubbing his own arms from being sore, offer to massage them for him. But, just be prepared for that to become a routine thing. Hey, he works hard throughout the week during practice and then kills it during weekend games, so he deserves it.

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8. It’s okay not to attend everything, but try to be there anyway

As a loyal girlfriend, you obviously feel obligated to be at every single game, even if he’s not playing. But, if you honestly have another important thing going on during one of his games, let him know that you feel bad, but just can’t make it. About 99 percent of the time, they’ll be totally understanding of it and appreciate the fact that you still tried to make it–and that you’re there every other day anyway.


9. You’re his main support system

Although his mom may argue that she’s his number one fan, you’re the one who really sees it all through the good times and bad. If he has a bad game, you’re going to be his go-to girl for support and comfort. And if he has a good game, then you get to be there with him to celebrate for the night.

10. He cherishes days off with you more than you know

Although as a girlfriend of a busy college baseball player, you’re constantly counting down the minutes until his next day off, he’s probably the most ready for it. After all, he finally gets to spend some quality time with his number one cheerleader. Try not to make plans for anything else on these days, because these are the days you both need to just enjoy some much needed, uninterrupted time together.


What’s your favorite thing about dating a college baseball player? Put it in the comments!