10 Things To Expect For Any Sorority Recruitment Process

If you're in college and are about to go through the sorority recruitment process, then here's some tips on what you can expect from outfits, questions, conversations and more!

The sorority recruitment process can be a whirlwind of an experience! Here’s 10 things to expect before you go through a recruitment.

1. Expect to hear some unfamiliar terms such as; PNM, legacy, rush, active and gamma chi.

Here’s the break down on those terms..PNM: Potential new members, aka, you! Legacy: a pnm who’s mother or sister was a member of that sorority. Rush: a short slang for recruitment. Active: an active member of a sorority. Gamma Chi: a recruitment counselor.

2. Expect lots of Lily Pulitzer dress and heels.

Your outfit does not make or break your chances of getting in any house so don’t worry about buying 5 new dresses! Definitely dress nice, appropriate and true to yourself for each round.This is what you can expect for the sorority recruitment process!

3. Anticipate the weather conditions.

Depending on time of year it may be very hot or a little chilly, so plan accordingly. You do not bring any outside items into the houses, so feel free to bring a bottle of water or oil blotting sheets with you for the long day.

4. Expect to be tired after the first day.

You will visit all houses and the sorority recruitment process can take all day depending how many houses you have on your campus.

5. Expect the unexpected!

Fire alarms go off, schedules get messed up, heels break, these things happen so act and respond to these situations with poise and understanding.

6. Expect an experience.

Your first house may be overwhelming. I sure was not expecting the clapping, yelling and singing all at once. But embrace this, these girls are so excited to have you there!This is what you can expect for the sorority recruitment process!

7. Expect to hear many different opinions on houses from other girls whether that be your roommate, best friend or girls in recruitment group.

These opinions may not be shared and thats okay. Do not let an outside source influence your thoughts and feelings on a certain house.

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8. Expect to be asked many of the same questions.

These many include questions about your major, hometown. high school, extracurricular activities and recruitment.Try to give the most genuine and unique answers no matter how many houses ask you the same questions.

9. Expect some awkward silences every now and then.

Don’t be afraid to ask some questions too! This is as much of an opportunity for them to get to know you as it is for you toget to know them and their sisterhood. Asking specific questions lets them know you are interested in them and keeps the conversation going!

10. Expect to have some doubts.

It may seem like a stressful journey and thats because it can be. Trust the process. In the end you will find your home and run to it on Bid Day!This is what you can expect for the sorority recruitment process!

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