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6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

When winter comes, so does the snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time inside with your special someone. As soon as it gets colder, it may seem like there isn’t much to do or you may just notice your motivation to do things has gone down. Grab your special someone and do these activities this winter so the fun never stops!

1. Christmas Movie Marathon

Grab your coziest pair of pajamas, your favorite snacks and snuggle next to each other for some Christmas movies. This one may seem cliché, or maybe you’re thinking I’ve seen every Christmas movie, but Christmas movies never seem to fail for making people smile. Yes, they always have a happy ending, but that’s what makes them great. When its cold and gloomy outside, it’s easy to fall a little sad, but Christmas movies can cheer anyone up. If you have subscriptions to Netflix, or Hulu they provide a variety of different Christmas movies. Netflix has even created their own Christmas movies such as, “A Christmas Prince”, “The Princess Switch”, “The Christmas Chronicles”, “Klaus” and “The Knight Before Christmas”.

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

2. Build A Ginger Bread House

This one may need you to prep in advance of a snow blizzard, but it is still just as fun! Next time you’re at the store pick up a gingerbread house, they usually are fairly cheap, and save it for when you are snowed in. Gingerbread houses are a great activity because it can take you a while to do and if you want to you can eat it! You and your special someone can personalize them however you would like. Just because most boxes give you an image of how the gingerbread house can look, don’t have that hold you two back from making it unique. You could put both of your initials on it and even add extra candy other than what is given in the box. While making the gingerbread house you can put on both of yours favorite Christmas movie, or a holiday song playlist.

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

3. Make Homemade Hot Cocoa

If both of you are chocolate lovers then this snowed in date activity is delicious and gets you in the holiday mood. Making homemade hot cocoa requires limited ingredients and tastes great! Most require cocoa, sugar, milk and salt but don’t be afraid to look up different recipes because there are a lot of variations. If you want something to make you think of Christmas then try making peppermint hot cocoa with whipped cream on top! This recipe calls for milk, sugar, chocolate chips, cocoa powder and peppermint extract. There are many recipes out there on how to make it. You can always embellish it by adding some whipped cream, marshmallows or crushed peppermint on top! Throw on some Christmas music and get to it!

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

4. Decorate Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies may also take some preparation in advance to when your snowed in, but it makes a scrumptious activity for a cold day. Decide with your special someone on what type of cookie, or cookies you two would like to make. With a list that can keep going it may be hard to decide, here are a few options: gingerbread, snickerdoodle, sugar, candy cane crinkle, and hazelnut shortbread. Now depending on serious of bakers you two are you can either make the cookies from scratch, or buy premade dough and just roll it out yourselves. Making the cookies from scratch may give you more options on what kind you want to make, and it tends to be more fun, but buying premade dough can be just as fun! Don’t forget to use some Christmas cookie cutters and cut your dough into the shapes. It makes them more appealing to eat. If you and your special someone are feeling extra motivational then you can make frosting and add it to your cookies!

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

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5. Play Games

Playing games is always something fun to do when you’re stuck at home for the day. Grab your special someone on a day your snowed in and pick out your favorite games. Playing Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, or even Qwirkle. They don’t necessarily have to be board games; they could also be cards or even just question games. Solitaire and Uno are two classic card games that are always fun. Playing a question game with your special someone can be a different game to play that would allow you to also get to know them better. You two can keep it fun and lighthearted, and play “Truth or Dare” or “Would you rather…”. If you two want to get more serious and learn new things about each other then you can pick topics like family and ask questions related to family. Some examples of good questions to ask would be, “Do you like how close/unclose your family is? If not what would you change about it?” or “Do you see us having a family together? How many kids can you see yourself having?”. Whatever game you play bring out some snacks too and maybe even add some music!

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

6. Have A Wine and Paint Night

This  is a perfect and romantic activity for a snowed in day. It doesn’t matter if neither of are you are the most artistic, it’s just about having fun with each other. Grab a bottle or two of wine and some paint to start. It doesn’t have to be fancy paint and you don’t even need canvases. You can buy canvases for fairly cheap, but white paper would also work fine. Then have you and your special someone agree on an image to pick. You could decide on a holiday themed picture to set the mood for the season, or you could just pick anything both of you like. Then make a competition out of it and see whose turns out better! Enjoy your glasses of wine and play some music, or just talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company.

6 Things To Do With Your Special Someone When You’re Snowed In

With cell phones at our finger tips it can be hard to not grab your phone every few minutes, but make it a challenge to you and your special someone to not be on your phones when doing these activities together. Unless, you are playing music off your phone, try to put it away because out of sight, out of mind. Try any or all of these activities and comment below on how they went!

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