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12 Things To Do With Your Long Distance Boyfriend

12 Things To Do With Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Long distance relationships aren’t uncommon. I’m in one myself. When you’re in a long distance relationship, you need to get a little creative with the things you do “together”. Since you can’t always physically be with each other, hence why it’s a long distance relationship, the things you can do together are a little limited. However, they don’t fall short of fun. So, here are 12 things to do with your long distance boyfriend: 

1. Write each other letters.

I’m going to start this off on a cliche note. Letters are super old-fashioned, but they are so sincere. This is probably one of the best things you could do with your long distance boyfriend. You probably talk to each other 24/7 so you might be wondering what the heck to write in your letters. You should agree on something that you’ll only talk about through letters and not texts. It’s exciting in general to get a letter in the mail from your boyfriend, but not knowing what it’s gonna say is even more exciting. Getting into a routine of writing letters to each other will have you genuinely excited to check the mail.

2. Have a dance battle over Snapchat.

Long distance relationships thrive over Snapchat. You get to constantly see pictures of your boyfriend’s face, how great is that?! To make things a bit more fun though, you could have a dance battle over Snapchat. This sounds mega corny, but it’s fun. Just put on some music, dance your heart out, and wait for your boyfriends dance comeback. You’ll both be laughing your butts off, even though you sadly won’t be able to experience the laughter in person together.


3. Randomly Facetime your boyfriend.

You probably already randomly Facetime your long distance boyfriend, but this isn’t any old random Facetime. With these random Facetime calls you’re going to call your man up, let him pick up, then stick your tongue out and immediately hang up. Leave him wondering why you did such a thing. Just do this randomly throughout the day. It’s more fun on your part than his part, but fun regardless. 

4. Text in all caps.

You’re probably wondering, “Why the hell would I do that?” I’m here to tell you why. Since you’re in a long distance relationship, you are clearly far away from each other. So, the appropriate thing to do would be to yell. You have to yell over text. If you were a little closer, there would be no need for it. Unfortunately, that is not the case so you need to talk a little bit louder.

12 Things To Do With Your Long Distance Boyfriend


5. Watch movies over Facetime.

Since you can’t really “Netflix and Chill” in a long distance relationship, you really need to get creative in the movie watching department. There is two ways you could go about this. One of you could hold your phone up to the screen for the other person to watch, or you could both turn on the movie and just watch it together on Facetime. I’ve done it both ways and their both about the same experience. 

6. Text each other while watching a show.

If Facetiming is out of the picture while watching a show because you are with friends or family, just text about it! It’s a little more easy and you won’t have to be talking out loud, which causes a little bit of a disturbance. For example, my boyfriend and I will watch the ‘Bachelor’ together. We will constantly text our thoughts about all the drama that is going on. You’ll feel connected in some sort of way through the TV.

7. Email each other.

So, maybe you don’t want to be too old-fashioned with the letters. Let’s advance the technology a little bit. Send each other emails! You can make this seriously fun. You can send super formal emails that say absolutely ridiculous things. It’s just fun because why on earth would you email your significant other when you can just text thing. #justlongdistancerelationshipthings


8. Message each other on LinkedIn.

Okay, I know LinkedIn is for somewhat serious matters, but if you and your boyfriend are connected on there, just randomly send each other messages. You should probably make these pretty formal. I mean LinkedIn is strictly business so try to keep it appropriate. There aren’t really LinkedIn police, but just in case!

12 Things To Do With Your Long Distance Boyfriend

9. Plan future trips.

Constantly planning future trips is how most long distance relationships stay alive. With that being said, you should plan future trips together. They can be trips that are two months away or even two years away. You’ll have tons of fun talking about all the things you’re going to do and want to do. Plus, when you set official plans it’ll make the time apart go faster!

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10. Send each other care packages.

When I say care packages, I don’t mean super huge extravagant boxes of goodies. I mean just cute little things. Maybe some candy and a blanket or a few little fun nick knacks. As a girlfriend, I know I would literally appreciate anything. I can assure you that your boyfriend will cherish anything you send him, even if it’s just a friendship bracelet!

11. Play online phone games together.

There aren’t any multiplayer online games that are very popular at the moment, but I know at one point my long distance boyfriend and I would play a game called ‘Brawl Stars’ because we act like freaking 12-year-old’s. It was a game where you could play online and invite friends to play with on a team. It was actually really fun, especially when we were apart. It seems a bit childish, but remember there’s only so much you can do in a long distance relationship.


12. Fly to each other.

I saved the best for last. The greatest thing you could do with your long distance boyfriend is fly out to see him! This is not a luxury everybody has because of money and time constraints, but if you have the opportunity, take it! If time and money is a problem, then save up those vacation days and put a little money aside and surprise your man!

12 Things To Do With Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Although the amount of things you can do with your boyfriend in a long distance relationship is limited, you can still make things work. It all just requires creativity and a whole lot of love.


What fun things do you do with your long distance boyfriend?

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