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7 Things To Do With Your Family Around Clemson

7 Things To Do With Your Family Around Clemson

There are plenty of activities to do and places to visit in Clemson. Keep reading for 7 things to do with your family around Clemson!

Are your parents coming to visit you at Clemson and you’re stuck wondering where to take them and what to show them around campus? Trust me, there are plenty of activities to do and places to visit in Clemson. Keep reading for 7 things to do with your family around Clemson!

1. Be a tour guide for the weekend.

We’ve all seen the endless tours that parade through campus constantly during the school year. Well, guess what? It’s your time to shine as an infamous tour guide here on Clemson’s campus. Take a stroll through campus and show your parents anything and everything about Clemson’s campus even if it’s that dreaded uphill trek to class.

2. Experience the best ice cream at ’55 Exchange.

Located in Hendrix, this small, little store sells Clemson’s world famous ice cream and other products. If you haven’t tried their ice cream yet, then you are truly missing out. All ice creams and waffle cones are hand made using local ingredients. And for those of you who don’t know yet, you can even create your own unique ice cream flavor! You must bring your family here, so that they can truly experience Clemson’s ice cream. (P.S. I highly recommend the mint chocolate chip ice cream)


3. Go to a Football Game/tailgate!

Football. Tailgates. Need I say more? There’s no better way to show your family what being a Clemson Tiger is all about than to bring them to a football game. Start the day out early by creating your own tailgate or joining others! Clemson even offers a family weekend tailgate with food, games, and lots of spirit. Head over to Death Valley to give your parents the ultimate Clemson Tigers experience. This is one of the things to do with your family around Clemson that you can’t miss!

4. Feast at Smokin’ Pig.

Get your BBQ on at Smokin’ Pig! Head over to Pendleton, SC for a southern styled BBQ meal that will leave you planning your next visit. From ribs, briskets, and pork to fries, potato salad, and fried okra, Smokin’ Pig never ceases to disappoint. Literally everything on this menu is heaven for all my BBQ lovers. You can never go wrong by taking your parents here!

5. Hit up the stores downtown.

Downtown Clemson is constantly bustling with students, locals, and visitors. Here in downtown, you will find endless restaurants, Clemson apparel stores, men’ clothing stores, and Entourage (every girl’s favorite store). Join the crowd, grab a meal, and help your family pick out Clemson souvenirs that they can rep from miles away.

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6. Head over to the amphitheater and listen to Tiger Band.

Before the much anticipated football game in Death Valley, stop by the amphitheater to listen to Tiger Band perform. This event occurs 90 minutes before kick-off that leaves you with ample to time to arrive at Death Valley. While there, teach your family all of the chants that will be needed to cheer on the Tigers!


7. Go to Clemson’s very own Family Fest!

Clemson even hosts a parents weekend event known as Family Fest. Starting during the evening, this outdoor event offers a beautiful fall evening to spend time with your family. Live entertainment, southern cuisine, lakeside games, and a gorgeous view are a few things to expect during the event. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

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