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Things To Do While Traveling In Orlando

When people think of Orlando, Florida they automatically go to Disney World or Universal Studios. While those two parks are very fun and can fill up an entire weekend, there are many other fun and unique things to do there. Orlando has such a rich and unique demographic that make for unique and different dining experiences. Beautiful parks and events happening year-round. Orlando has many hidden spots that has a lot to offer to anyone of any age group. So, if you have already been to Disney and Universal and don’t feel like going through all the trouble of the parks again, let me help you find a few things to make your weekend in Orlando worth the trip.


Restaurants and Cuisine

Like many big cities, Orlando has a large variety of ethnic groups that have made this city their home. With that comes a lot of restaurants to spread many different recipes and ethnic cuisines. If you’re into Asian styled foods, Orlando is popping with Asian restaurants. Korean barbeque is very popular near the downtown area. All you can eat Korean barbeque and it’s worth it. So much food for a one-time payment that you can go all day without eating and get your money’s worth. Ramen is another very popular type of food that has been building in Orlando over the past few years. The anime community is growing by the day and these ramen restaurants have combined their cuisine with anime based environments that add to the environment. The Hispanic culture is probably the most popular one here in Orlando. Food trucks are found all over the city selling amazing, authentic Hispanic cuisine that gives you a large amount of food for a small price. Taking a drive through downtown Orlando or through the Winter Park area will make you stop to try some restaurants. Just make sure to look at everything before stopping because you may find something better.

Winter Park

The Winter Park area of Orlando is a beautiful location that has so many wonderful things hidden. Park Avenue is a very popular spot to stop for dining and shopping. Many non-chain restaurants set up their businesses here and take the time to make you feel like part of the family. There are multiple art studios and shops to check out as well as an old styled book shop to stop by. If you’re into records and CDs, stop by Park Ave CDs. This is an amazing little shop where you can spend a lot of time looking around at records and old movie posters. Also located in Winter Park is the beautiful Harry P Leu Garden. This is a large estate turned into a garden meant to spend a day at. There are so many different types of flowers and other plants that keep every turn looking new and unique. It’s such a beautiful and romantic place to go on your visit in Orlando. Winter Park has a lot of beautiful community parks as well that has many opportunities for great pictures. There’s a huge railroad as well that crosses right through park avenue. The station there is surrounded by flowers and is always a popular spot for people to take pictures at as well as sit down and eat some ice cream. The scenic boat tour is another relaxing activity to do in Winter Park. Get on a small boat and go around some major lakes in Winter Park and get to see all the beautiful homes and animals in the area.


Lake Eola

Lake Eola is a beautiful lake found in downtown Orlando. The best day to go here is on Sundays. Every Sunday, the park that wraps around the lake turns into a daylong farmers market. Here you can enjoy food trucks and small food vendors. Some coffee or homemade lemonade as well as some desserts. Spend the day here to walk around and enjoy all the vendors. There are so many talented artists selling their work there. With wood paintings and hand painted prints, there are different styles and paintings for just about anyone to enjoy. There are also a lot of vendors that sell plants and flowers for anyone who loves to decorate their homes with vibrant colors. Jewelry and handmade soaps are some other things found at this farmers market amongst other things. Lake Eola also has swan boat rides that allow you to get in a boat and paddle through the lake and get to paddle around with the animals flying and swimming alongside you. There are a lot of friendly animals that are used to humans there as well. Get the chance to feed some of the swans you see flying around. The lake is also another very popular picture location. With so many different angles in the lake, it’s hard to not find a great spot with a beautiful background.

See Also

The Springs

Orlando has a lot of beautiful springs that you can spend your day relaxing in. A very popular spring would be Wekiva Springs. This spring has a lot to do. Spend some time swimming and colling off in the beautiful clear spring. The water is always so refreshing and is just what you’ll need on a hot summer day. You can also rent a kayak and go kayaking down the stream. It’s a nice path that’ll take about an hour to finish. You’ll paddle along a nice bar and some cute houses. Just be careful and stay in your kayak because there are some alligators in the area. The gators are pretty used to people being there and don’t bother them much, but accidents do happen so please remain in your kayak until you get back to the spring. The area is also never too crowded. If you get there early, you’ll be able to park right up front and enjoy your time in the springs. Wekiva has become a personal favorite of mine that I believe a lot of people would enjoy.

Zachary Hernandez

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