10 Things To Do When Your Date Stands You Up

Getting stood up sucks. They usually don’t give you a heads up until you’ve been waiting for half an hour, and most of the time they just ghost you which feels even worse. I’ve come up with 10 alternative things to do when a date stands you up so that you (hopefully) feel better and cheer up.

1. Go On The Date Alone

Finish! The! Date! Have fun with it too. Don’t do it out of spite, but if that drives you and makes you feel better, go for it. I’m all about improving your mood on this night because standing someone up with no explanation is one of the worst things someone can do. It’s 2019. Send a text that’ll take you maybe 1 minute to compose. If an activity was planned, do that alone or call someone else up and see if they’re free. Have fun with the night and relax. I think it would be okay to feel sad, but enjoy the night that’s now yours instead of a night that was going to be filled with awkward conversation and pauses.

2. Call Your Bestie And Spend The Night Together

Explain to them what happened (great chance to vent and talk your way through the emotions your feeling) and spend the night with someone you love and someone that loves you. Hopefully they know what comforts you best and can take things into their own hands, but you gathering up stuff for a wonderful night in is also a great plan. When a date stands you up, your bestie will be right there supporting you and making you feel like a million bucks.

3. Work Out

Working out may be the last thing on your mind, you probably just want to become a potato and lay somewhere forever. I think you should totally do that because that’s definitely a mood after a date stands you up, but working out makes your body produce endorphins, which make you feel good! This may be the start of you including fitness into your daily life and you could turn a bad thing into something great.


10 Things To Do When Your Date Stands You Up

4. Put On Your Favorite Music

Put on your favorite album or playlist. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that came up from when a date stand you up. Whether it be crying, laughing, or getting angry – put on music that you feel will allow you feel the emotions you may be trying to bottle up, “just because it was one date.”

You’re allowed to feel emotions and expressing them is healthy. I personally think music is a beautiful and easy way to allow yourself a reason to express certain emotions. Wine may or may not go well with this option, that’s up to you and how you know it would impact the situation.

5. Go To Your Favorite Restaurant And Get Your Favorite Meal

Maybe you planned the date to be at your favorite restaurant. If that’s the case, it has saved you a trip to get to your favorite restaurant. But seriously, going somewhere you know the food is good, somewhere you like the environment, and somewhere familiar to distract you from what just went down is a good way to either distract you or comfort you. Both are valid things to do in this situation. I do think you need to let yourself express the emotions you feel, but this is something you can immediately do to relieve some shock and disappointment.


6. Dessert Night In

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the ideal option. Order some cookies, go buy something sweet from a shop or store near you and get cozy. You’re night is now free and you can do what you want. Indulge in sweets you haven’t had in ages and get your favorite sweet treat. Invite some friends over and make it a dessert party. You can all share stories of when a date stands you up and appreciate each others company. You can cry together and laugh together because it’s rough dealing with this kind of situation. Desserts make you feel good though and are a wonderful way to cope with a sad heart.

10 Things To Do When Your Date Stands You Up

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7. Buy That Thing You’ve Been Debating Purchasing

Retail therapy is a thing. Whether it’s smart is practical is up to you. Maybe you’ve been eyeing some nice shoes lately, or you’ve wanted to buy concert tickets but have been debating it because they’ll be back in town next year. Just buy it. You’ll now have something tangible and exciting to show off or look forward to and it’ll make you feel good. It is temporary, but the feeling should help for a moment and you can process everything with less pain after this.


8. Stay Off Social Media

Please, please, please do not get on there to “distract” yourself! Use stuff in real life to do that! Getting on social media will only make you more upset or angry because people share the good moments there. You just got your heart broken (well, maybe not broken, but when a date stands you up, it stings) and seeing your friends and stars thriving in their relationships or lives will probably make you feel even worse.

9. Cry

When a date stands you up, it hurts. You wonder if it was something you said, the way you look, or your personality. Why didn’t they give me a head up? Are they alright? Did they just not want to see me? So many questions are left unanswered because they didn’t give you a heads up and were immature in how to handle the situation. When a date stands you up, I think it’s 100% alright to cry. Whether it be because you’re sad or angry, crying lets you release emotions and is a healthy way to let them out.

10 Things To Do When Your Date Stands You Up

10. Go To A Friends House

Distract yourself and talk your feelings out by going to a friends house. When a date stands you up, distracting yourself or talking about what just happened is a good way to feel better. Maybe ask if a game night can be done and have a good time! Just surround yourself with people that love you, and the people you love and care about.


Being stood up sucks and I hope it never happens to any of you ever again. I hope it never happened to you, but there’s a reason you’re reading this article, right? I’ll send you virtual hugs or good vibes, whichever you prefer. When a date stands you up, that shows their emotional immaturity and lack of empathy for how you feel. Depending on how invested you were in the person, I wouldn’t reach out to them at all. If you want closure, go for it, but based on the fact they stood you up, it’s unlikely they’ll give you closure. Let us know in the comments below what else you would do if a date stands you up.

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