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10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Though the times may be rare, there are definitely some times when you have nothing to do. All your friends are busy, you are bored, you are not scheduled to work or to go to class, and you have no plans made. Here are ten things to do when you have absolutely nothing to do.

1. Paint

Everybody has a different hobby. Painting, although you may think you are not gifted, is something that anybody can learn. Try to observe the world around you and pick up some acrylics to complement your thoughts. Also, there are ton of art classes that you can find anywhere, or you can look up art tutorials for basic drawing. Overall, put your vision on a canvas and try to paint your own world.

2. Write Songs

Music comes to everybody in different ways. You can hum a simple tune in your head or you can make up a series of lyrics for a rap. Some people are musically inclined towards numerous instruments, and others do not find this so appealing. However, everybody can give it a shot. Pick up a ukulele or go to a piano and make up your own progression and hum your own tune. You can also learn a ton of songs that interest you.


3. Expand Your Playlists

Whether you are on Spotify or Apple Music, try to find some new music on your Discover Weekly or by taking suggestions from friends. Expand your playlists with a new album or a new genre so you can open up your mind.

4. Bake A Dessert

Treat yourself with a sweet dessert by baking something nice for yourself. Make some cookies or brownies so you can have something to make yourself happy. Whether it is made from scratch or from pre-made dough, go ahead and experiment.


5. Watch A Show

We have all taken some time to binge watch The Office at least five times, so try to take some time to watch another show and get involved with pop culture. This will give you a lot more conversation starters and it will expand your mind.

6. Take A Walk

Get your cardio going and take a walk around your neighborhood. If you want to go farther, go ahead, just make sure you know where you are going. Explore the area around you and familiarize yourself with nature. Throughout your walk, you can listen to music or contemplate things that you need to think about. Walks are good for the mind, so take the chance while you have it.


7. Volunteer

Spending your time helping someone else feels very rewarding. Therefore, take some time to volunteer in your community so you can use this extra time you have to help others. This will not only expand your knowledge of your community and allow you to meet extra people, but it will benefit others and benefit your moral well-being.

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8. Change Up Your Wardrobe

Go through your closet and look through the clothes you never will wear again and donate them. After that, look at what is left of your closet and try to mix and match, or go shopping to change up your wardrobe. Take some time to ease yourself into a new you – a glowed-up you!


9. Personal Care

Face masks, manicures, pedicures, or exfoliants are all a girl’s best friend. Use this extra time to take care of yourself and do some face masks, take a long bath, dye your hair, or moisturize your skin. Take care of your body and try to establish a routine for yourself while you can.

10. Go To The Club

If you do not want to stay at home, take some time to go out and meet new people. Go to the club and try to talk to others at the bar or make a new group of friends. You have the opportunity to go ahead and meet others, so try it out and see how it goes!


What do you do when you are bored? What is your favorite thing to do to pass time by? Tell us in the comments!

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