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10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

You might be burgeoning with creativity, or you might be struggling with trying to tap into your creative side. If you’re having some trouble getting started, I’ve composed a list of ten things to do to tap into your creative side. Give some of these a shot the next time you’re feeling like you’re at a loss for what to do.

1. Keep a journal with sketches and photos

If you don’t already have one, keeping a journal you write in daily or weekly is always a good idea to get your thoughts flowing and mind working. Go a step further and add your own sketches and photos. You’ll get to create a piece of work that is private and personal to you, and it’s always nice to look back at where you were at one point over the years. Adding sketches and photos to your own words is a nice way to illustrate your feelings and further express yourself.

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

2. Get a coloring book

Coloring is not only a great stress reliever but a good way to tap into your creative side. Most book stores have a variety to choose from so you can pick one tailored to your interests. Grab some colored pencils or pens, head outside, and lose yourself in bringing a blank page to life. This one’s also an easy one if you’re not particularly artistically inclined; all you have to do is color within the lines.

3. Choose a word and write a poem about it

Pick a word at random and spend some time creating a poem describing it. Explore new possibilities while writing. Capture a feeling or idea with words; get abstract with it. This can also be a fun activity to do with a friend; brainstorm, write, and share what you’ve created with each other. It’ll be interesting to see how you differently you can describe the same thing.

4. Take photos of your friends

All you need for this one is a camera and some willing friends to model for you. Take pictures of your loved ones in an environment of your choosing. This can range from their bedrooms, to anywhere outdoors (with good lighting). Capture the essence of who they are in a photo both of you can keep forever.

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

5. Buy a canvas and cover it in a medium of your choosing

Head to your local art supply store and pick up a blank canvas. Then, paint or draw until it’s completely covered. If you don’t know how, try your best and have fun with it. The outcome doesn’t necessarily need to be aesthetically pleasing; it’s the act of expressing yourself artistically that matters. Having something tangible that you’ve created is bound to give you a sense of accomplishment, as well as letting out some of your emotions on paper.

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

6. Make a collage from your favorite magazines

Collect a few of your favorite magazines and create a piece of art out of them (if you don’t mind cutting them up). Take someone else’s ideas and make them your own by piecing them together in a collage. This is another activity that can be fun to do with friends; compare your pieces at the end and see how your creativity manifests itself on paper.

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7. Take a walk with music

Take a break from sitting indoors and try walking outdoors with some music. Get the creative juices flowing and allow yourself to take time with your thoughts and nature. New ideas may come to the surface while you walk, and you may realize things you wouldn’t if you were sitting at a desk. When you return to your home or job, you might just have a few new ideas you’ll want to try out.

10 Things To Do To Tap Into Your Creative Side

8. Spend a day without your smartphone

Smartphones are a surefire way to kill your creativity. Who has time to spend on creative ideas when there’s a world of distractions in your hands? Turning off your phone and spending a day completely immersed in the present is definitely a way to tap into your creative side. Who knows what you’ll come up with when you have nothing better to do?

9. Keep a disposable on you and take pictures throughout your day

You can do this with your smartphone, but a disposable might be more fun. It’ll also capture moments with a cute, vintage filter. Snap pictures of your surroundings, friends, and family, as you go about your day. Develop them and keep them to look back on fondly over the years.

10. Collaborate on projects with friends

Whether you’re interested in music, art, poetry, or just want to get creative, collaborating on projects with friends is a fun way to get started. Make a song with loved ones, or work on a piece of art together to get motivated to create something solo. Working with someone else can ignite new ideas and make you look at things in a different light.

Hopefully at least one of these ideas appealed to your creative side. Give one of these a shot the next time you have some free time and want to tap into your creative side. Which of these is your favorite? Comment below!

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