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10 Things To Do To Prepare For Your First Date

10 Things To Do To Prepare For Your First Date

Assuming the location, time, and day was set, it’s time to prepare for your first date. Without a doubt you must be nervous, after all, it’s your FIRST DATE and that’s understandable. But don’t worry, I’ve had my share of good and bad dates and I’m going to share all of my tips on how to prep for your first date. But if you haven’t discussed the date plans with them, now is the time to do it. You can’t prep for something that hasn’t been planned. 

1. Right Mindset

Before going on the date, make sure you are ready and don’t feel pressured. It doesn’t matter if your friends set this up or if your parents hate that they haven’t seen anyone go into your bedroom with the door closed. All that matters is if you are ready because it’s your first date and if you’re not enjoying it, the other person isn’t going to enjoy it, and it can be embarrassing. So, again, make sure you’re ready to date. 

2. Fashion Choice

One of the key components in the first date is fashion. It doesn’t hurt to plan your outfit the night, week, or month before. The first thing that will happen is your date seeing your outfit, which means it needs to be spot on. Everyone knows first impressions are everything! The outfit needs to fit the date, meaning, if it takes place at a restaurant like Applebees, the outfit needs to be dressy but casual. So, a nice pair of black skinny jeans and a cute blouse with black boots would be perfect for the ladies. Nice blue jeans, a button-up shirt, and leather dress shoes would be perfect for the fellas. Again, it’s all based on the location.  

3. Get A Feel For Them 

Everyone does this, so don’t be embarrassed. But it’s a good idea to do a little background research before meeting with your date by looking at their social media. And don’t confuse this with stalking, this is different. You’re trying to see what they are like and you can see that through their social media. If they have a lot of photos of their family, you know they are family-oriented and can ask what their family is like. Maybe they have a lot of nature pictures, this obviously says they are in tune with the world. You can ask their favorite places that they’ve been to. 

4. Money

It’s said that the guy is supposed to pay for the girl but it would be smart for both of you to have a little money on you just in case. Some guys believe in splitting the bill instead of one person paying for all. But that’s not the only reason. The two of you may go to the movies and one of you may pay for the tickets and the other may want to contribute with the snacks. But it’s smart to have a little cash on you just in case. 

5. Clean House

You never know if your date is going to want to use the bathroom, come in, or pick you up by coming to the door, you need to make sure your house looks clean or presentable. You don’t want them to judge you the moment they see you and your messy place. Just tidy up the living area in case they end up coming in for a chat or a drink. 

6. Groom Yourself

Ladies, it’s your first date! It wouldn’t hurt to shave the legs, arms, and armpits. And if you want, you can shave the bikini area, but I don’t think it’s necessary because you should never let them get to your cookie on the first date. Obviously, do your hair. Wear it up or down (best to get an opinion from another source) and use some hairspray. Hairspray is your best friend when it comes to date nights. For the guys, if your hair absolutely needs it, you can apply a little gel to your hair but not too much. If the night ends with a makeout session, it is not sexy to her if her hands meet gel. Disgusting. 

7. Fresh Breath

Yes, you need to freshen your breath before the date but it’s a great idea to have breath mints or gum on you. But don’t chew the gum during the date, it’s rude. Chew gum or mint 5 to 10 minutes before the date so your breath is fresher than the night. 

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8. Smell Decent


I cannot stress this enough. Yes, you want to smell good for the first date but your date would not be impressed with your $90 spray punching them in the nose. Put on a good amount (2-3 sprays) and call it a day. You need to apply deodorant, especially if you’re the type to get nervous a lot. You don’t want your date smelling how nervous you are, so put on deodorant and have one on you just in case you need to reapply.  

9. Conversation Topics

Before you pick them up or you get picked up, it’s a good idea to think about some conversation topics. Don’t assume that topics will be popping out of their mouths or that the conversation is just going to flow easily. You need to have some topics in mind. Looking at their social media can help and looking some up on the internet can as well, but the point is to find something to talk about. 

10. Escape Plan

Not every first date goes as planned and if that happens, then you need an escape plan. Ask your mom, dad, friend, cousin, dog, or anyone to help you in case you need to make an escape. I would excuse myself to the bathroom with my phone and ask whoever I chose as the hero to call me in a minute or two with some sort of excuse to take you home. Guys, if you can’t wait until the check, you can flag down your waiter after your escape call and pay for what the two of you ordered. But don’t be rude and leave her there, make sure she gets home safely. Girls, it’s your choice if you want to pay the check or allow him to do so, but after that escape call you can let him take you home or you can take an uber. 

Good luck and have fun on your first date. I hope this helped calm your nerves, you will be great. I want to know what happened on the date in the comments section! 

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