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10 Things To Do To Make Studying Less Painful

Studying, everyone’s least favorite thing to do. I remember back in high school when I could easily get an A without studying. However, in college I can easily get an F without studying. So, studying is pretty important, but it is extremely painful. Nobody genuinely enjoys studying, except maybe psychopaths. Since the majority if us aren’t psychopaths, here are 10 things to do to make studying less painful, since we all are pretty much dying here:

1. Don’t cram.

Everyone’s favorite way to study is cramming. It’s the most time efficient, but also it’s the most painful. You could get away with cramming for a few tests, I’m sure. Nonetheless, you really shouldn’t do it. It’s one of the most mentally painful things you could do. So in order to really make studying less painful, you should start off by just straight up not cramming. Start studying a little bit at a time a few days before the test, not just for an hour the night before. It’ll be way less painful.

2. Reward yourself.

You should always reward yourself after completing tasks. It’s self love! Especially after painful tasks, like studying. You can reward yourself with pretty much anything. Maybe a snack, some Netflix, or maybe just going on your phone. It doesn’t need to be a big reward or anything, but it’s something to look forward to while studying. 

3. Take little breaks.

You shouldn’t study for hours on end without taking a little time to relax. Our brains seriously need some rest after awhile. A break could even be your little reward, like mentioned above. It doesn’t matter what kind of break you take. It could be a food break, phone break, maybe even a napping break! A napping break is what I suggest, studying can be as tiring as it is painful. 

4. Only study one subject at a time.

This may be hard during finals and midterms, but focusing on just one subject will make studying way less painful. Your brain will be able to focus on just one thing, instead of 20. Your brain power won’t run out as quick! You need to spare as much as you can, we all know that. You’ll be able to absorb things way better by focusing just on one thing. If you don’t have the choice to just focus on one subject, give yourself at east a 30 minute break before you move on to the next subject. 

5. Study in a different environment.

If you are in your room studying and it’s starting to become painful, move to a different setting! A new setting will be extremely refreshing. Your mind will be able to refocus on what you’re studying. It doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you’re comfortable! You could even just move from your bedroom to the kitchen, just something as little as that will make a difference. 

6. Study with friends.

Studying with friends will actually make studying so much less painful that you might forget you’re studying. There is always the fear that you’ll get nothing done when you’re studying with friends because you’ll be too busy joking around, but if you all get your crap together you an get a lot done. Reserve a study room with a white board. You can still have fun with each other while studying. Just stay on topic!

7. Use colors!

If you are taking notes to use for studying, make it colorful! Just make your notes as creative as possible! It’ll be fun, and of course less painful. Colorful things signify happiness, and we need as much happiness as we can get during studying. Highlight with more than just a yellow highlighter. Use pink, blue, purple, and green! Make your titles colorful and creative with pens and different designs. It’ll really make studying less painful and maybe even more effective!

8. Don’t study too much.

The most painful thing about studying is the amount of time put into it. However, you shouldn’t put so much time into it that it becomes unbearably painful, mentally and physically. In order to prevent studying from becoming so painful, just simply study a little less. You of course need to study, but nothing is worth studying so long for that you become in pain. It may not be physical pain, but mental pain can sometimes be even worse.

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9. Have some sort of background noise.

Having some background noise during studying can decrease your pain greatly. It doesn’t need to be loud and obnoxious, just something to keep you sane. For example, leaving the TV on while you’re studying may seem like a bad idea, but it’s not. It adds background noise and if you need a quick break all you need is to look up from your books. White noise is even great. Turn a fan on or maybe even open a window. Background noise will keep you in reality and won’t let you get too stuck in the painful world of studying. 

10. Use videos and online resources.

If you are studying a fairly popular subject, there is probably a Youtube video about it. This is also a great thing if there is something that you just aren’t understanding. Sometimes these videos are even better than teachers. They are a great way to reinforce what you’re studying. Using as much resources as possible when studying can make it more enjoyable, leading it to be less painful!

Studying is a major part in any student’s life, especially college. Since you can’t get away with not studying while in college, like you did in high school, it’s something that quickly becomes important. In order to be a successful student, you need to study. We have already concluded that studying is extremely painful, so hopefully these tips will help studying become at least a little less painful. 

If you have any tips or tricks that make studying less painful, please share! I’m sure all of us college students would love to hear how to make your lives a little less stressful.

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