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10 Things to Do the Summer Before College

10 Things to Do the Summer Before College

The summer before you venture off to college is unlike any other summer you will have. You are getting ready to take a huge step in your life. Things are going to change, and the next time you are home, you probably will not be the same person you were when you left. You will learn a lot, and experience things you wouldn’t while living at home. With that being said, there are some things you got to do with the time you have before you take off.


1. Take a road Trip

There’s nothing like getting together with a couple of your best friends and riding around one last time before you all possibly go your separate ways. Snacks, singing your favorite songs, and the wind blowing through your hair. Pick a place, split the gas and driving time, and you’re on your way! Lets not forget to also figure out where you plan on staying once you get to your location, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.



2. Connect with your roomie.

You don’t HAVE to be best friends with your roommate, but let’s face it college is so much better when you and your roommate are tight. You have someone to hang out with mostly all the time, take care of you when you come home after a night of partying, and make sure you look good when you’re going out on a date with that guy from class. Summer is a perfect time to get to know the basics about each other. Take time to text, talk on the phone, or even video chat. Also, figure out what each of you is going to bring if you plan on sharing your appliances.




3. D.I.Y. Projects

Nobody wants a boring dorm room so why not take the free time during the summer to prepare some decorations for your new space. Making it on your own can often be cheaper than buying things pre-made. Find your local craft store and get creating to spice up your space! If you’re not sure what to do Pinterest is definitely your best friend.

DIY Dorm



4. Get organized

Its time to get rid of all those things in your room that you really don’t use or need. This way when it’s time to pack up your stuff it’ll be easier to identify your must-haves. Let’s not forget that although you’re practically moving your whole life you will want to leave some stuff behind so that home still feels like home when you’re back during breaks. At least if you organize over the summer you won’t have to worry about too much later.

Clean out closet


5. Spend tons of time with family and friends

It’s going to be so much fun meeting new people and making new friends at your new college, but don’t forget those little people who made you who you are today. This is especially important if all your friends are going separate ways. It’s sad, but more than likely you will lose touch with some of your friends from high school. It’s normal if that happens, but that’s why it’s important to cherish the time you have. People grow and things change, it’s just a part of life. Your family probably won’t let that happen, but they will miss you and you will miss them when you are away, so get some extra QT in with the fam before you go.

Spend time w. family and friends

6. Bump up the wardrobe.

When you organize your room, you always end up cleaning out your closet. You probably dressed fantastically in high school, and it’s fine to bring your HS clothes to college, but it’s also a great time to really show off who you are through your style. Figure out how to make your personality shine through your clothing, and don’t be ashamed to show it all off!




For those that have no idea what a vlog or vlogging is, basically it’s a like a video journal on the web that documents a person’s life, thoughts, opinions, and interests. Just about anyone who has photo booth has sat in front of the camera and talked about something that was randomly on their mind or sang their favorite song. Well, Instead of talking to yourself, it can be uploaded to YouTube. Summer is supposed to include memories that will last forever so why not make it so you’re sure to never forget. Get yourself a camera and share with the world how you’re enjoying your summer.


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8. Work

You wont regret it come the fall when you have some money saved up from working during the summer. Plenty of companies are looking for students to lend a hand during busy summer hours. Not only are you getting a bit of experience in the working field but it’s a great way to meet some new people. You can also afford to do fun things over the summer.

get a job


9. Savor every home-cooked meal you eat

Dining hall food isn’t always terrible, but it is nothing compared to Mom’s lasagna or Nana’s chicken noodle soup. And you might get sick of frequenting the same places over and over again, and choosing the same weekly specials. Going out to eat off-campus is always a real treat, but sometimes the only thing you need is that hot meal fresh out of your own kitchen oven. Make sure every meal made for you at home is appreciated, and let your mom know she only has a few months to cook for you all the time, so she might as well enjoy it, too.

Savor food

10. Write yourself a letter

Going to college can be a big transition, and within that time you learn plenty and change a lot. So before you head off, you can document all your thoughts and feelings before you take the big step. Write a letter to your future self about how your feeling, what you’re expecting, and some of the goals you plan on accomplishing within your four years as a college student. At the end of your college career, you can read the letter and reflect on everything that has happened. This can continue on as a tradition as you enter new phases in your life and be a way to mark your growth over the years.


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