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15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In

15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In

It’s nighttime. You don’t feel like going out and being around people, but you’re not sure what else to do. It’s too early to go to bed, so what do you do with this seemingly never ending expanse of time? Here are fifteen things to do solo for those nights when you don’t want anyone’s company but your own!

1. Read a Book

My favorite thing to do when I’m alone is read. I consistently have a TBR (to-be read) pile that grows faster than it shrinks, so I take every chance I can get to shorten it. Some of my recent favorite reads are: Once I Was You by Maria Hinojosa, Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, and Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno.


2. Watch a Movie

What better time to watch a movie than when no one is around to interrupt you! Yes, watching movies with others can be fun, but people sometimes talk or make an excessive amount of noise when you watch movies together at home. Some talking can be fun if it’s something you’ve seen a lot, but if it’s the first time it can be annoying. Some of movies I’ve watched recently are: The Princess Bride, Hamilton, and Little Women (2019). 

15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In

3. Cook a Meal

Look, this might sound like work but it’s actually super relaxing (at least for me). Whenever I have a night in I like to put a movie or show on in the background and start cooking. The rhythm of chopping, slicing, sauteing, stirring just zones me out just enough that my brain quiets but not so much that I forget I’m cooking and burn everything. Plus if I’m cooking just for myself I get to pick everything and what better way to ensure that what I’m eating is exactly what I want.


4. Listen to Music

You have no idea how amazing it is to listen to music until you’re alone. I constantly have people in my house so I can’t play my music out loud, and after a while earphones are just annoying. When I finally have the house to myself is when my Spotify account actually sees some real use. You can wander into any corner and the music will follow you.

5. Binge a T.V. Show

One of my favorite things to do solo is binge a T.V. show I’ve had saved on my list. To be fair, I do this even when I’m not alone but there’s something about planning it out in advance that makes it better. If you’re out then you might only have time for an episode or two if you’re lucky once you’re home. Nothing is worse than having to end on a cliffhanger because you just can’t keep your eyes open. Better to just stay in and get it all over with at once so your dreams aren’t haunted by what ifs.

15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In


6. Re-decorate your Room

Again, this might sound like work but when else are you gonna do it?? You won’t get the Instagram worthy bedroom of your dreams if you keep going out every night! Just get it done so that you can start posting aesthetic pictures.

7. Play Animal Crossing

If you’re one of the few people who didn’t buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it debuted a few months ago, a night in is your chance to dive in. Literally. The Summer update made it so that your character can now dive around in the ocean to collect sea creatures. Even if you have been playing since it came out, a night in is your chance to totally revamp your island. Finally build that hedge maze you’ve been thinking about or a mini amusement park. Before you know it it’ll be morning, the game is that addictive.

15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In

8. Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

Learn something new by falling into a Wikipedia Rabbit Hole! I’ve done this a few times, those hyperlinks are just too enticing, especially when you’re trying to learn about the War of the Roses and trying to keep all of the British noble houses in order.

9. Start a New Craft

Been wanting to get into a new craft but just can’t find the time? Now’s your time. On a cozy night in, what better way to spend it than learning to knit your own cozy blanket to snuggle in? Or busting out the CriCut to personalize some wine glasses for your friend group. There’s a whole world of crafts at your disposal on Pinterest.

10. Figure Out TikTok

This one is just on me. I keep seeing people repost TikTok videos onto other social media and it’s left me curious. If your curiosity is similarily piqued then a night in might finally be the time to figure out how to use it and what all the hubbub is.

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11. Buzzfeed Unsolved Marathon

I’m a big fan of the Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime and Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural series on YouTube. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are the hosts and they are one of the best duos around. The banter between the two is my favorite thing about watching their shows, in addition to how scared Ryan gets on the ghost hunts. They also started their own company, Watcher, and post videos to that YouTube channel as well. On there Shane’s Puppet History show is my favorite, I learn so much from the Professor.

12. Listen to a Podcast

Listening to podcasts are something I like to do when I’m cooking but don’t have anything to watch. Podcasts are great for someone who likes to multi-task, so if you want something that will allow you to maximize your alone time this it. Some of my favorite podcasts are: You Can Sit With Us hosted by Ariel Fulmer, Becky Habersberger, Maggie Bustamante, and Rachel Ann Cole, Armchair Expert hosted by Dax Shepherd, The Trypod hosted by the Try Guys.

13. Go For a Walk

Look up at the sky as the sunsets and contemplate your place in the universe as you wander your neighborhood. If there’s somewhere close by to stop for a snack to take home, all the better.

14. Relaxing Bath

A bubble bath and a glass of wine, what could be better after a long day? That’s all I have to say about that.

15 Things To Do Solo On A Cozy Night In

15. Go To Bed As Early/Late As You Want

Listen, I am either a Grandma who goes to bed at 9 when I stay in or I’m an insomniac who goes to bed at 3 AM, there’s no in-between. If I’m binging a show or a book I’m likely to stay up late into the night, but if I’ve had a nice dinner, a nice bath, then sinking into my blankets is bliss. Do what feels right to you at the moment.

What do you like to do on a night in? Let me know in the comments below!

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