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12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

We all have those days or moments where we feel suddenly sad. It’s like the weight of life is finally hitting in full force or every little thing seems to go wrong. If you’re having one of those moments, here are a few things you can do right now to feel a little more at peace. 

1. Make a Cup of Tea

A cup of tea can really do wonders for the soul. Perhaps it’s not even the tea itself, but making something for the sole purpose of comfort. Holding a cup of tea is like holding a little jar of warmth. 

If you’re feeling down right now, try making a cup of tea. There are actually types of herbal teas, like chamomile, or this calming blend made specifically to calm your busy mind and bring peace to your soul. If you’re not a tea person, make a cup of hot chocolate or just a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon — basically, anything hot.

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

2. Stretch

If you’re feeling out of sorts, you probably have a lot of tension building in your body. Your mind can actually affect the way you feel physically. 

Stretching is a powerful way to ease your mind and let go of some of your stress. Try to imagine your sadness literally dissipating as you stretch your arms and your legs and reach for the sky. 

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

3. Listen to the Saddest Sad Songs

A good to lift your spirits when you feel sad is listen to your favorite sad songs (or happy ones, I guess, if that’s your thing.) Music can sometimes help put what you can’t express or fully understand into words. It can aid you in connecting with your emotions and help you understand where your pain is coming from. It also helps you feel a little less alone (since you now know at least one other person has felt the same way.)

4. Take Three Slow Breaths

You’ve probably heard that breathing tacts are used as a way to cope with stress and anxiety and as a method in meditation and yoga. 

Taking three slow breaths doesn’t instantaneously cure your sadness, but it can help you release tension and connect with your body. Breathing takes you out of your head and lets you fully embrace the calm of the moment. 

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

5. Take a Break, Whatever that Means For You

Life is busy for all of us. And with the go, go, go culture that we live in, we probably don’t take enough breaks. If you’re feeling sad, it’s important to take a moment and just to be with yourself! Go for a short walk, recharge with a quick bite to eat, or have a conversation with a friend. Whatever you do, give yourself a breather. It can be a literal break from work or whatever you are doing, or it can be just a quick mental break where you fully remove yourself from your negative thoughts. 

6. Recharge on Vitamin D

Step out into the sun and soak up some Vitamin D! Science has proven that the higher your Vitamin D levels are, the more likely you are to feel happy rather than sad. 

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

7. Watch Something Funny

There is tons of video content on the internet that can help you feel a lot better. There are funny Youtube videos, social media videos, TV shows, movies, comedy specials, and more! Find something you enjoy and take a moment to watch it. It may just lift you out of your current bout of sadness and help you get back on track. 

8. Be Kind to Yourself

This one is really important: take a good, long moment to fully accept your sadness. Remember, whatever you are feeling is valid. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for feeling down, and honestly, that will only make you sadder. It’s important to treat yourself with the same kindness you give to the people you love.

So, for the next hour or so, let yourself fully wallow in self-pity without judging yourself for it. And then, when you feel a little better, you can start thinking logically again. 

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

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9. Hug Another Human

We all need a good hug sometimes, right? Oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ is a chemical messenger that can help treat sadness, anxiety, depression, and intestinal problems. So if you’re feeling sad, reach out to someone and give them a quick hug. The warmth of someone else’s arms will definitely lift your spirits.

Also remember that with social distancing becoming the new norm, hugging at random is not the best idea. Make sure you’re only hugging the people in your inner circle!

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

10. Write Out Your Thoughts (or say them out loud)

If you have a lot on your mind, a good way to feel better is to write everything down. Give yourself a moment to let it all out through your words, even if your current problems are petty. If you’re spiritual, prayer is also a great form of release. 

11. Cry

Crying is extremely beneficial for your mental wellbeing. Crying allows you to release stress hormones and other toxins. It will also soothe you. When you’ve cried and cried until you feel like you have no tears left, you will be overcome with feelings of peace and lightness.

We are often taught that crying is a sign of weakness, but it’s actually a great strength. It is simply incredible that our bodies have a mechanism allowing us to physically release our burdens and worries. It’s a skill we all have, so make sure you use it!

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

12. Laugh

After you cry and let out all your pent up emotions, find something that makes you laugh. You will feel so much better if you have a strong, hearty belly laugh. After all, laughter is truly the best medicine in the world. 

12 Things to Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Sad

What do you do when you’re feeling sad? Share your own go-to methods of dealing with the feelings. 

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