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12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

Binge eating is something that gets the best out of a lot of people. When were bored, we binge eat, when we’re stressed, we binge eat, when were nervous, anxious, sad, mad, tired, scared, we binge eat. Not everyone is subject to binge eating but a lot of the society is and doesn’t realize it until we’ve consumed an unnecessary amount of food. There is nothing wrong with eating but when it comes to over eating for emotional reasons, then that might not be the healthiest decision for our bodies or our mind. Even so, sometimes it’s hard to get ourselves out of the groove and say no to the unneeded calories so here are a few things to do rather than binge eat.

1. Call Someone

There’s no better way to distract yourself from anything, even a box of donuts, then calling someone you love. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or whoever, when the craving strikes, pick up the phone and give them a ring, they’ll be happy to hear from you.

2. Go for a Walk

Fresh air is a great way to calm and clear a mind so the next time the binge eat begins, put on your walking shoes and step outside. Take a deep breath and start walking, you never know what you’ll discover on your little stroll down the block.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

3. Drink a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Taking a sip of a caffeinated beverage, whether it be coffee or tea, will help you combat the binge eating craving. The liquids will fill your stomach and make you feel like you’ve had something more than just coffee or tea. Adding in a little sugar or milk will also help the craving, the bit of sweetness should be enough to satisfy you.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

4. Drink Some Infused Water

Adding fruits into your water will help us, ‘non-water drinkers’ consume the right amount of water that we need to stay healthy. When the body fills up on infused water, it feels fuller. Plus, having the ability to constantly drink will make your body feel like its constantly eating.

5. Paint Your Nails

Can’t eat with wet nails! When you are at home and there’s a fill box of Oreos in the kitchen, grab your favourite colour of nail polish and start painting. The chances of you wanting Oreo crumbs in your fresh mani will outweigh the chance of you eating.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

6. Practice Self Care

Remember that when you over eat, the chances of you feeling good about yourself are slim so rather than inflict negativity on yourself, do something that will make you feel good. Take a shower and exfoliate your skin, turn on lavender bubble bath or do a hair mask, anything that will make you feel good about yourself is better than the binge.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

7. Get Out of the House

If you are sitting in your home and the thoughts of all the snacks are overflowing your brain, get out of your house. Go anywhere, literally, anywhere. Take a walk, go to a friends, go get some coffee, go anywhere that will take you away from the negative thoughts inside your house.

8. Say “STOP” Out Loud

This sounds stupid but it actually really works. Saying “STOP” out loud is a really effective way to help you stop binge eating. Keep in mind that saying it to yourself rather than out loud won’t work, your mind will battle the word but saying it out loud will startle your system and the chances of you stopping are higher.

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9. Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is similar to self-care, it’s the art of doing something that has a positive effect on your system. By going to do a workout you enjoy, you’ll eventually rather hit up a spin class then snack on anything bad for you.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

10. Chew Some Gum

The sensation of chewing on anything at all tricks your body into thinking it’s actually eating, neat right? So if you are a binge eater, pick up some packs of gum and start chewing, you’ll notice a difference right away.

11. Think About Why You Are Eating

What’s the real reason your snacking? If you force yourself to think of a valid reason why you are eating anything at all, then you’ll soon realize that most times you’re binging for no reason. Take a step back and ask yourself the question right before anything goes up to your lips.

12. Talk to a Friend and Distract Each Other 

The chances are, more than a handful of people you know are binge eaters as well, it’s so common that it shouldn’t be an embarrassing topic. Talk to a friend whenever you are feeling a little weak and support each other. Having someone on your side makes the fight against binge eating so much easier.

12 Things To Do Rather Then Binge Eat

If you’re a binge eater, tell us what you do to distract yourself!

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