15 Things To Do Post Quarantine

Finding things to do post quarantine might be easier than you think. We are all under a strict social distancing and stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying inside can make us all stir-crazy and we start to think about all the things we want to once the quarantine is lifted. Some of us have a few ideas of what we’d like to do, but in case you need some more here are 15 things to do post quarantine.

1. Visit your friends/family

Obviously, one of the first things you want to do is visit your friends and family in person. The video chatting, and texting can’t replace the real thing, and it’ll be so nice to have that physical connection again. Think of all the activities you’ll be able to do together like having parties, going out to eat, going shopping together and so on. When you finally see your loved ones, hug them, laugh with them and tell them you love them!

2. Eat-out in an actual restaurant

When you finally meet up with your friends and family again, one of the things you can do together is going out and actually eat in a restaurant. We’ve all been eating take-out and homemade meals, which can be nice but nothing beats sitting down and enjoying everyone’s company while being waited on.

3. Get your hair done

Most of us have let our hair length, color, and maintenance grow out and result in complete craziness. If you have resisted the urge to take matters into your own hands or you have become a Tik Tok sensation by cutting and coloring your hair all on your own while at home, it might be time to take yourself to the salon to get everything cleaned up. Just imagine how good you’ll look and feel after you get a fresh cut after weeks of letting your natural hair do its thing.

4. Take a trip to the nail salon

Similar to your hair, your nails have probably gone awry and need some tending to. Also, similar to your hair, you probably opened up a nail salon in your home and attempted to do you and your family’s own manicure and pedicures. While this could have turned out totally fine, there’s something getting your nails done by a professional that make you look and feel better. It’s also a nice way to treat yourself after spending weeks inside.

5. Support local businesses

While you’ve been inside, local businesses have suffered. So, while you’re out, stop and have lunch at a local restaurant, take your friends and go shopping in local shops downtown, or have a beer or a coffee at a local cafe or brewery. Most of these businesses didn’t have a curbside pickup or couldn’t afford to keep paying their employees to stay at home. They’re waiting for you, so help them out. That’s part of what the world will need when the quarantine is over, to help those in need and this is one way to do your part.

6. Go out on the town

Part of supporting businesses can be going out on the town too! Go to shows, a club, or a bar. This is a fun way to spend time with your friends, get back out into the world, dance and have some fun.

7. Get a massage

Being at home has been very stressful for all of us. Even though we are at home, we can still feel and hold on to a lot of fear and anxiety. This can sometimes show up and stay in our bodies, causing aches, pains, and tiredness. A great way to relax and de-stress can be to go get a massage. This can be another nice treat-yourself moment to do post quarantine.

8. Take a small trip

Most of us had to cancel our upcoming vacations and also stay within the confines of our town or city, only leaving to go to the grocery store up the street. Although it might be safe to stay within your state, for the time being, you can still take a small trip to cure your cabin fever. Visit a neighboring city, take a trip to the mountains, walk through a close-by national park, go on a hike, or simply go for a drive. Anything that makes you feel like you’re getting out and seeing the world can all be done right in your backyard.

9. Treat your dog

Most of us with pets have also been keeping them to a strict, no-contact rule. This means we’ve been taking them on occasional walks through routines paths around the neighborhood. Your pup wants to get out and play with others just like you. Take a trip to the dog park, buy them some new toys, give them a nice bath or haircut, or feed them some yummy new food or treats.  After all, they provided constant love and support for you and your family during the quarantine and all the days before so they deserve a reward and some love in return.

10. Go to the movies

Streaming, downloading, and watching movies and shows on tiny screens have gotten really old. Especially, if there’s nothing new to watch. Not to worry, new movies have been delayed from release dure tot he quarantines and will be hitting the big screen soon! There’s nothing like sitting in a big comfy theater with your friends, eating some popcorn and enjoying the movie magic in a theater.

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11. Go to a concert

Concert season has also experienced a delay due to the virus and has had us stuck looking at old concert videos on our phone and listening to the music wishing we were there in person. However, when concerts start happening again, it’ll be everything that we’ve been missing: people, loud music, live performances, and a chance to let loose and enjoy the show.

12. Find a job

Lots of places will be looking to hire as the quarantine ends. This can be a good time to find a job, get a new one, or get an additional one. This can also be a way to do your part, by helping businesses and the economy back on track, while making money in the process, which can’t hurt either.

13. Attend sporting events

Sports across all levels from Major Leauge Baseball to your dad’s slowpitch softball league have been postponed due to the Coronavirus. Especially since the weather will be getting nicer, it has made us miss them all the more. When these finally pick back up, not only can you watch them on TV again, but you’ll be able to attend those baseball games in person in the stadium. In turn, kids will be able to start playing with their teams again and even little friendly pick-up games at your local park will be there again too.

14. Go to the gym

Gyms have been closed for weeks and it has made your gym rat friends so frustrated. Once these open back up again, you can ditch your handmade weights and finally get a proper work out in.

15. Resume normal life as best you can

Most of us have been affected in more ways than one by the quarantine and things might not be the same ever again. Some of us have missed graduations or prom, some of us lost jobs, lost homes, lost money, and even lost loved ones. However, we came out the other side stronger. We’ve learned more about ourselves as a result of all the chaos. We know not to take our lives for granted. We will adjust to our new normal in this world and to resume as normal as life as possible.

Which one of these activities are you most excited to do post quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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