12 Things You Need To Do At PittStart

12 Things You Need To Do At PittStart

PittStart is a key component to a smooth transition into the University of Pittsburgh. Mandatory for all new students, the two-day orientation often seems overwhelming with all the tightly packed programming. On top of that, you’re being pushed into a brand new environment with a couple hundred other students. Whether you think this is an exciting or daunting experience, here are some tips to make your PittStart the best it can be:

1. The Panther Statue at University of Pittsburgh

The iconic Pittsburgh Panther statue is located right in front of the William Pitt Union. Incoming freshman love to take pictures with the Panther Pitt their first time on campus. Find your roommate for a picture or go solo!

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2. The 36th Floor of the Cathedral of Learning

Everyone knows to take a picture with the outside of Cathy whenever you’re on campus, but not everyone makes it up to the top. If you care to venture inside the Cathedral, you can take the elevators up to the 36th floor. At the top, you’ll find a panoramic view of Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, Schenley Park, and other parts of Oakland.

3. Get to Know People

Debatably the most daunting, exciting, and important thing on this list. The people you meet at PittStart will be your classmates for the next four years of your college education. Make sure to meet new people and make a good first impression.

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4. Get Free Stuff

One of the best parts about college is all the free things the school gives out. This includes t-shirts, pens, magazines, mugs, etc. Take advantage of this by filling out any possible surveys for a prize, or by simply attending the different presentations.


5. Figuring Out Where Your Fall Classes Are

Another important point on this list, finding your fall classes before school starts will make it easier to navigate through campus and give you one less thing to stress about when school starts.

6. Exploring Forbes and Fifth

As you’ve probably heard by now, Pitt runs between Forbes Avenue and Fifth Avenue. While you’re on campus, familiarize yourself with the two streets as well as with local stores and restaurants. Each street has its own mix of chain stores and stores unique to the area and is a great place to grab lunch with some new friends.

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7. Stay Overnight

One of the options during PittStart is to stay overnight in the Litchfield Towers. Definitely take advantage of this! It’s a great opportunity to meet some of your classmates and have familiar faces when you arrive on campus.


8. Visit the Nationality Rooms

The Nationality Rooms are yet another reason why Cathy is so incredible. At PittStart, take some time to peak your head into a few of them and be amazed!

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9. Get Pitt Gear

Who doesn’t want to rep Pitt Panthers?


10. Eat at Market Central

Although Market Central will be a main source of food for the next year, it is good to get a taste as to what is available.

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11. Take a Tour

This point is especially important if it’s your first time on campus! Take a tour of lower campus, upper campus, or around the city to familiarize yourself with Pittsburgh.


12. Go to the Meetings

As boring as this may sound, the point of PittStart is to become more informed as a student. Attending the meetings will make it easier to utilize all the resources that Pitt has to offer.Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director meeting startup corporate startups GIF

Now that you know what you should do, have an amazing PittStart and get hyped for the fall at University of Pittsburgh! Hail to Pitt! Comment below!
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