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20 Things To Do Over Winter Break When You’re Bored AF

20 Things To Do Over Winter Break When You’re Bored AF

You’ve probably hit this page because you’ve been home for 2 days, you’re dying of boredom and trying to think of things to do over Winter break…am I right? As much as we all love being home for the holidays, surrounded by good food and good company, we certainly tend to become bored. There’s no schoolwork to do, parties to attend on campus, or dining hall food to eat. Here’s a list of things to do when you’re bored over winter break. With that in mind, soak up every minute of winter break before returning to school for a kick ass spring semester and start to 2017! To get you started, here are a few things to do over winter break when you’re bored AF!

1. The Obvious: Netflix (And Chill)

Need I say more?

2. Research Snow Tubing Parks Near You And Make It A Day!

Most towns and cities have parks or ski areas that get turned into snow tubing during the holidays! It’s so fun and great for families or friends!


3. Test out Your Baking Skills

Baking is a perfect way to waste time over break. Perfect your macaron recipe or make some gingerbread cookies for your neighbor.

4. Plan Out Your 2018 And Create A List of New Year’s Resolutions

Now’s the perfect time to start a journal. Might as well add some New Year’s Resolutions!

5. Take A Road Trip With Your Friends

Just because it’s not summer time doesn’t mean you can’t grab a friend and your AUX cord for a few hours on the road to somewhere new.


6. Clean Out Your Closet

Winter Break is the perfect time of year for getting rid of things you haven’t worn since 8th grade..and that means making room for new things!

7. Apply For A Spring Semester Internship

Spring and Summer will be here before we know it, and we all want a paycheck in the summer.

8. Treat Yourself To A DIY At-Home Spa Day

Because this is basically necessary after that brutal semester you just finished.


9. Remodel Your Bedroom

Move your furniture around, paint one of your walls, add some DIY decor…the possibilities are endless.

10. Go Ice Skating At A Local Rink With Friends

It’s the most wintery thing you can do…event if you can’t ice skate (I’m pointing at myself.)

11. Treat Yourself To A New Haircuit

Start off 2018 with a new look and enjoy pampering yourself.


12. Have A Photoshoot For Instagram

Pick out an outfit, do your hair and makeup, grab a friend and go somewhere really cool. Take some awesome pics and then #PostThem!

13. Learn To Play An Instrument

Nowadays, all you need is an instrument and the internet to teach yourself how to play an instrument. Practice makes perfect!

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14. Take A Trip To The Closest Big City Near You

The city is amazing during the holiday season. Hop on a train or bus and head towards the closest city to you!

15. Volunteer At An Animal Or Homeless Shelter

Volunteering is something that benefits both you and your community. Head to your local soup kitchen or animal shelter to give some of your time to a good cause.

16. Find A New Café Near You

For your new hang out spot in the summertime.


17. Go Out To Lunch With An Old Friend

Break is the perfect time to catch up with high school and middle school friends.

18. Scroll Through Pinterest For Some DIY Dorm Decor Ideas

If you’re thinking about how you can make your dorm better when you get back from break for the new year, Pinterest has some awesome DIY dorm decor ideas.

19. Spend Quality Time With Your Family!

After all, you don’t see them that often any more. Ask your mom, dad, siblings or whole family what they want to do for the day.


20. Start A New Exercise Regime

Winter break doesn’t mean a break from physical activity! Keep those holidays pounds away.

Looking for more things to do over winter break when you’re bored AF? Leave a comment!
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