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20 Things To Do On A Lazy Summer Day All Alone

Summer is all about freedom. Freedom from school and maybe from some responsibilities that have been weighing you down. However, without all that extra stuff that you do during the more hectic times of the year, it’s really easy to find yourself bored when you’re alone. You don’t necessarily want to go hang out with people, and you definitely don’t want to get a job (or maybe you’ve just gotten off your shift), so how can you occupy yourself? Here are 20 ideas of things you can do on a lazy summer day when you’re alone.

1. Do your laundry

There’s probably a nice big pile of clothes in some dark, dank corner of your room that’s been there since the dawn of time. Take and throw them in the washing machine and dryer; you’ll feel really accomplished afterwards (not to mention that awesome feeling of having all clean clothes available to you).

2. Reconnect with old friends

I’m not saying you have to go out to a party with anyone. Remember your best friend from high school that you hardly (if even) talk to any more? Send them a DM and reconnect. Maybe you can rebuild the relationship again!

3. Dance to songs that make you feel nostalgic

You’re all alone, so take the speaker and blast that song that you remember having loved 15 years ago and dance like nobody is watching (because no one is)! This is a good time to practice your embarrassing dance moves, too.

4. Try on your nicest clothes

Have a nice dress that you still haven’t gotten the opportunity to wear out? Try it on and catwalk, baby! This is sometimes such a fun thing to do on a lazy summer day!

5. Experiment with outfit pairings

While you’re in the closet, take a bunch of random items and start throwing them together to try and find new, unique outfits you never would’ve thought about pairing together before! This’ll liven up your wardrobe without making you spend a couple hundred dollars.

6. Read a book

This one is a given. Try out a classic you’ve never read, search for a book no one knows about, or try a genre you’ve never read in! Mix it up a little! This is a really good way to spend a lazy summer day!

7. Tackle that project you’ve been neglecting

We all have that one project or important thing to do that we just keep pushing off in the hopes that it’ll finish itself some time in the future. Well, the future is now.

8. Create or update a vision board

Visualizing your goals can help you have more motivation while working to achieve them. Make separate vision boards about all kinds of stuff: houses, cars, your career, whatever!

9. Discover a new podcast

Podcasts have been on the up-rise, and if you haven’t listened to any you should definitely start. There are podcasts about probably every subject you could imagine, so just find your interests and listen in!

10. Get informed

See something in the news that you don’t know a lot about but feel is important? Get informed! Do your research on the subject, and form your own opinions; this can be really grounding.

11. Pick up a pen and write

Try writing something. A song, a poem, a short story, a novel. Write what inspires you!

12. Window shop

Whether you go out and literally window shop or you shop online, find some stuff you like and save it for later!

13. Send a letter to someone you love

Instead of sending a text or posting on social media, get some actual paper and an envelope and write a letter to a loved one. It shows a lot of heart and care went into the message. This is a super sweet way to spend a lazy summer day!

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14. Sleep away the time

We’re all of a certain age where we understand the power of a nap, so utilize that power. Sleeping is healthy, after all.

15. Get a coloring book and fill in some pages

Adult coloring books are officially popular, so there’s no need to feel ashamed. Plus, coloring is an extremely therapeutic activity.

16. Take a walk around your neighborhood

Get to know the area you live in while getting a bit of exercise (granted you don’t live in a highly dangerous place).

17. Catch up on the T.V. show everyone is talking about

You’ve heard so many things about so many different shows… Riverdale, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black… where to start is going to be the hardest thing to figure out here.

18. Get in the kitchen and bake

A personal favorite thing that I do when I’m bored is get in the kitchen and bake something sweet. Most of us have the basic necessities for a lot of baked goods- flour, eggs, sugar, milk- so look up some recipes and see what you can create (or better yet experiment on your own if you’re brave enough)!

19. Put together a puzzle

Get a high-count puzzle and start on it. Trust me, that’ll take days and days to complete.

20. Go to the gym

You keep threatening to go get a membership at that gym and get in shape. Well, now is your time to go do it. Besides, what better things do you have to do?

What other activities are there to do on a lazy summer day? Let us know in the comments below!

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