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10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

Having a date night in NYC can be a blast, but it's important to know what to do! Here are some of the best date plans for New York!

Whurr you headed tonight, boo? The City? Oh OK, I got you! If you know anything about NYC, you know there’s limitless options and activities. There are some things that make you straight up feel like you’re not in NYC any more. Here’s a list of some ideas and things to do on date night in NYC.

The Stanton Social

Classy, lively, fancy. Everyone’s been here at least once. The Stanton Social in NYC has comfortable seats and reasonable prices. It’s a glowing spot for a date night, either for keeping it casual or getting romantic. The Stanton Social is down on the Lower East Side and it’s recommended that you make reservations ahead of time to enjoy the restaurant to the fullest. Check out their website for more information.

Speed Dating

Maybe you’re into something more anomalous? NY Minute Dating is a real thing and is fun to try if you’re looking for something different or to explore your options. You’ll meet a ton of people that’s for sure, and expressing yourself in a minute is an actual challenge you’ll have fun with. NY Minute Dating has a specific schedule that varies by age, location, and other contextual aspects. So be sure to visit the official NY Minute Dating website for more information.

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC


Here’s a bizarre thing to do on date night in NYC, especially if you’re group dating. BATSU! is a tokyo inspired live comedic performance, conducted by Face Off Unlimited. It’s definitely something you have to do at least once in your life. Enjoy sushi, sake, and a show with your S.O./others. The shows involve electric shocks, paintballs, and more. This is real entertainment. Check out the BATSU! website for more information about this awesome place for date night in NYC!

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

Jazz Standard

Jazz clubs are the perfect place to go to get a taste of that Southern Culture. You’ll experience lively and reminiscent jazz tunes, as well as Southern style flavors, at the Jazz Standard in NYC. If you want to take your S.O. on a date and share some inspiring culture with them, this is an awesome spot to hit up. Check out their website for special events and other information.

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

Bateaux New York

As they say, you don’t have to be on land. There are marveling cruises in NYC that are perfect for date nights. They’re even more enjoyable for group dates. The Bateaux New York is an affordable cruise where you’ll see the beautiful night lights of NYC (which are super romantic). To plan this unforgettable experience, visit the Bateaux New York website.

Sites And Bites Tour

You definitely don’t have to be a visitor to New York to enjoy a tour and if you are, that’s fine too. Either way this is an alternative thing to do for date night. You’ll travel around the center of New York with some nice people and enjoy delicious food samples. Check out the Urban Adventures website for schedules and events.

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

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Lobster And Beer Lovers Tour

This date night idea is especially for him. I’m sure we’re accustomed to choosing a date that is romantic or suites ourselves. Well this is one that he will enjoy as well. A nice afternoon sail, beer, and lobster rolls. This is a strictly summer time activity however. Their last sail date is Oct. Definitely check them out right away if you’re interested!

Modern Pinball NYC

Should you and your date like to play games, NYC’s got a place for that too. There’s a spot called Modern Pinball NYC, that’s actually an interactive museum of Pinball machines. Definitely a fun experience you won’t forget. You can make this a huge part of date night in NYC by also visiting a nearby restaurant for dinner before or after playing. Check out the Modern Pinball NYC website for more information.

Guiseppina’s Brick Oven Pizza

How’s about dining at the best pizza place in NYC? Guiseppina’s has a real reputation. You can keep your date night in NYC casual by sitting in here and enjoying some authentic brick oven pizza with your S.O. This spot is located in the South Slope area of Brooklyn and you can check out their website here for more information.

10 Things To Do On Date Night In NYC

The Cliffs NYC

Last, but not the least of things to do here, are The Cliffs NYC. If you and your date are looking for something athletic to get into (and maybe even challenge each other’s abilities), you can visit this rock climbing exhibit in Long Island City. Visit The Cliff NYC’s website for more information.

What are you doing on date night in NYC? Let us know in the comments if you tried one of these places!