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10 Things To Do On A Long Weekend During The Summer

10 Things To Do On A Long Weekend During The Summer

10 Things To Do On A Long Weekend During The Summer

So it’s about to be summer which means vacations, staycations, and weekends with the girls. Looking for fun things to do on a long weekend this summer? Don’t worry we got you (and your Instagram) covered. Anything from adventurous, relaxing, and pampering, we have the best activities for everything. Your long weekend is about to get a glow up! Let’s get started.

1. Grab The Girls And Head To Brunch

Of course, this is a given, but why not start with a yummy meal. Grab your closest squad and go to a place you have never gone to before. Try something yummy that you wouldn’t normally order. Treat yourself to a mimosa while you’re at it and get the day started on the right note. It will make that long weekend feel even longer!


2. Go Thrifting

This is by far one our favorite activities and you’re helping the planet too! We love a good two for two moments. Get one of a kind pieces and curate a unique style. Before you go make sure to clean out your closet and drawers of the items you’re no longer using. Bring them with you and donate. Some places will even give you a discount for donating. Viola!

3. Visit A Local Art Museum

Pass the time on your longer weekend and expand your knowledge and appreciation for all things artistic and beautiful. Do a Google Search for art galleries in your neighborhood and take a trip. You may even get lucky and show up on a day they are accepting donations. If not, make sure to pack your student ID for a discount. Snap a selfie, or share what you learned from your trip on Instagram!


4. Go For A Hike

If you live somewhere with warm weather and beautiful nature trails, throw on your sneakers and leggings and go for a hike. Not only will it give you a break from the craziness of the city, but it will also be great exercise. Get in touch with nature, yourself, and your inner thoughts. If you have an active dog, take it along with you. You and your furry friend will be surely tired when you get home.


5. Beach Day

Long weekends mean water + fitness! If you live within driving distance of the beach, why not take a day and lay out in the sun. Better yet, find a few fun water activities you can do with your friends or family, like paddleboarding. Let me warn you, paddleboarding is much harder than it looks but can be a great experience with friends. Not to mention, you’re getting a workout and cute photos too!

6. Self-Care Night

If you’re starting your long weekend after an even longer work week, then you’re probably due for a long self-care pampering night. Take the week off with a face mask, cup of tea, hot shower, and binge-watching your favorite Netflix Show. Tell us what you guys are watching down below!


7. Grab Your Boo And Go For A Picnic

What’s more picture perfect than a picture with the person you love the most? Wanna vamp it up a bit? Make each other your favorite meals, and surprise them at the picnic with what you made. Take this time to be off your phone and really spend it just talking, catching up after a long week, and dreaming up new adventures.


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8. Buy Fresh Flowers

This is one of those things that may not seem like a big thing, but it can really make you so happy and brighten up your space. If you have a small dorm room or your own apartment, fill it with colorful plants that smell like heaven. Your roommates will thank you later. You’ll be happy to wake up to fresh flowers, and we’re sure they’ll make an appearance on your Instagram Stories too.


9. Take A Mini Road Trip

Trying to get out of the city/town you live in for a bit? No worries, look at the cities around you, grab some friends and take a mini road trip! You’ve got the time! Find cute cafes, stores, museums, and landmarks you have never seen before. Exploring with friends can be the best thing in the summertime and you’ll make memories that last a long time. Pack yummy snacks, make an upbeat playlist and bring the film cameras for some unique photos to share when you get back. Pinterest is great for seeing the local activities in every city! Get an Airbnb and take the mental break you need!


10. REST

So now you finally have time on your long weekend to catch up on sleep, your saved Youtube videos, your self-care routine, books you bought but haven’t read, and did we mention sleep? If you’re busy with finals or work, your body is probably begging for rest. Take a couple hours off your phone, and rest your mind, your heart and your body. Do what you need to in order to recharge. You deserve it!


However it is you celebrate your long weekend, do it! Try new things, meet up with old friends, and spend time doing the things you love the most…with the people you love the most. Snap some photos, and soak up every moment of “no work” that you can. It might be over before you know it. How do you spend your long weekends in the summer? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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