10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

Sure Rushing for a sorority seems fun. They have built-in friends, parties, charities, and makes you feel apart of something. Yet they also have expenses, drama, and catty people. So when none of that sounds good here are 10 Things To Do Instead of Rush. 

1. Go To Class

Sure anyone can Rush and join a sorority, but can everyone get really good grades? As much fun as it would be to get judged by your peers getting the information to make your future better might be just as important. No judgement, but isn’t college for school? 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

2. Make Friends at a Bar

If you want to rush to make friends, maybe just go to the bar and see who you meet. It may seem crazy but you can meet people everywhere. Don’t try to pigeonhole yourself, there are so many places other than frat row to make friends. 

One bonus of making friends at a bar is that it doesn’t matter what Frat or Sorority you are in. Everyone is more open and equally drunk. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

3. Get a Job

Yes, you can make great job connections in a sorority but there is nothing like a well-padded resume. So instead of the hazing and binge drinking get a job to pay for those late-night food runs. Jobs not only help your habits they can also help you make great friends. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

4. Get an Internship

There are so many options for internships. For many graduation requirements, an internship is needed. So instead of waiting until the last minute to finish this when senior-itis hits try to get one during rush week. While your classmates are parting get a jump start on your future life. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

5. Volunteer 

It’s no questions that sororities give so much to charities. Yet you don’t have many options to give back if you are in a sorority, you mostly have to stick with the approved charity. So while everyone is rushing find a great organization to give your time to. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

6. Learn a New Skill

During rush week the campus can seem pretty crazy. Try getting off campus and going to a local YMCA and learn a new skill. Who knows a cooking or painting class might help you get a good grade in a future class. If nothing else it will get you something new to work on when you are bored of studying. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

7. Sleep

Instead of Rush just go to sleep. While everyone else will get exhausted so soon after the beginning of the school year, you will be well-rested. Studies show that standard sleep helps you get good grades, sooo rush or good grades? You decide. 

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10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

8. Party

Who says you have to Rush to party. Instead of rush week just go to all the parties. Most parties don’t have guest lists so go party hop and see what you would be missing. Bonus no pesky meetings and lots of free booze. 

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

9. Study Abroad 

Instead of the rush parties, and boring States life go overseas and study abroad. That makes the need to rush so much less, when you are sipping wine in an Italian vineyard. Anything overseas seems better than a rush week in the States.

10 Things To Do Instead Of Rush

10. Workout 

Don’t get the freshman 15 while your classmates are getting that beer belly. Instead of rush week just go to the campus gym. Sweat out all your troubles and school stress. 

Rushing might be a fun idea for some, but if you aren’t a huge sorority fan use this list. 

Did you enjoy this list? Let us know below what your favorite thing to do it instead of rush week!

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