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20 Things To Do In The Bay Area During Summer

20 Things To Do In The Bay Area During Summer

The San Francisco bay area is a beautiful place with so many fun things to do! Here are things to do in the Bay Area during the summer months!
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The Bay Area is home to some pretty underrated spots that we can’t always take advantage of during the school year or during the cooler months. So grab a few friends and add some of these to your Summer ’17 Bucket List! Below are 20 things to do in the Bay Area during summer!

1. Hike Mission Peak.

Your squad will thank you for the Insta-worthy pics you’ll take at the top (and who doesn’t want to work off those boba calories?)

2. Visit Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

In addition to the delicious baked goods you can find there, there’s a sign you can take a pic with to document your time in SF.


It’s lit! 😉 😉 😉

3. Take a few coding classes 😉

…C’mon…it’s the Bay…

4. Catch Mark Zuckerberg at the Chef Chu’s in Los Altos.

Hit him up for that Facebook internship.


5. Drive the Dumbarton Bridge to Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, for a great view and some cheap boba at Tea Press.

Two PMT’s with boba for $3.50??? Yes, please!

6. Find your favorite beach.

Find your ideal combination of soft sand, good waves, and business.

7. Have a beach bonfire at Montara State Beach, Half Moon Bay.

Bring some blankets and stock up on food for a nighttime picnic at the Safeway at 70 Cabrillo Highway.


8. Get that iconic rolled ice cream Snapchat story at Icicles in Cupertino.

So! Many! Toppings!!!!

9. Bike around Shoreline Park and Lake.

Grab a Google bike and a friend and bike from the Google campuses to the park. For those who are especially adventurous, grab a kayak and take a ride around the lake.

10. Go to the Farmer’s Market at San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose.

Grab some fresh fruit, sample some gourmet cheeses, and buy some pretty flowers for your date.


11. Corgi Con SF.

A lot of corgis on the beach…enough said.

12. Go to Great America.

Revisit the childlike thrill of Flight Deck and Tiki Twirl (and churros and funnel cakes.)

13. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Hang with the fishies!!


14. Drive Skyline Boulevard.

Add some good friends and some sadboi Indie songs and you’ve got yourself some Pinterest vibes.

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15. Have a night in and watch Palo Alto.

James Franco, a Bay Area native, will leave you shook.


16. Try not to eat at restaurant chains.

The Bay is home to so many diverse cultures and cuisines. Take advantage of this and eat at the family-owned restaurants instead of Chipotle and Panera.

17. Skip the gym – work out outside!

Take advantage of the great weather and go for a run outside or join Outdoor Yoga SF.

18. Watch movies on the beach at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Cuddle up with a date or some friends and hang out with a bunch of other movie enthusiasts.


19. Hit up the Palo Alto High School Flea Market.

You can find awesome (and bougie) room decor, jewelry and gifts for amazing prices.

20. Unplug from the Silicon Valley’s tech frenzy.

Summer ’17 is going to be legendary and you’ll want to remember it forever. Snap a few pics but make sure to detach from your phone and live in the moment.

Are there any other things to do in the Bay Area during summer that you enjoy? Share in the comments!
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