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10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren't On Campus

For all my fellow SU students: you can only eat at Bleu Monkey so many times before the friendly waiter knows your poke order. Whether you’re tired of seeing your freshman year hookup in line for Starbucks before your 9:30, or want to do some more shopping than at 3fifteen – it’s time to head off the hill.

1. Movie Tavern

Recline in some high-quality movie theatre seats and enjoy some food (brought to your seat!) or even a glass of wine. Suitable for your girl gang or a date night out, I suggest buying your tickets in advance – popular movies get sold out here!

2. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

You’ve heard of this place even if you’re living under a rock. You can smell the smoked meat from blocks away, and can be sure to wait in a long line on busy nights. Grab a pitcher, wings and enjoy a game for the ultimate Cuse experience.


10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

3. Original Grain

Also read: hipster hot spot. Acai, Buddha bowls, and avo toast is every millennials dream. If your phone doesn’t eat first you’re not doing OG justice. Every SU influencer can be found here on weekends – and you can bet on an artsy Boomerang of the hanging lights.

4. Recess Coffee

If you thought OG was hipster paradise, this takes it to another level. Grab a almond milk latte, your essay due tomorrow (yikes) and grind in this super cozy and cute atmosphere. Imagine Cafe Kubal but like, away from your TA for political science.


10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

5. Beaver Lake Nature Center

Outdoorsy girls, this is for you. Take a hike (or pretend like you did for Instagram). While limited due to our beautiful weather here in Syracuse, in spring or fall it’s a great way to celebrate a sunny day without the shirtless frat boys playing beer pong. Grab a friend, or for some extreme zen take yourself on a date.

6. The Westcott Theatre

Nearly every weekend, SU students and Syracuse residents alike flock to this theatre for a variety of shows, from bass-heavy EDM ragers to chill reggae nights. While they typically don’t host musical superstars, it’s a great way to party without the sticky floor of DJ’s. Grab a friend, throw on some glitter, and dance your night away.


10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

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7. Stella’s Diner

A staple to any Syracuse University weekend. Everything you could ask for from a trucker diner, complete with greasy hash browns, pancakes the size of your head, and waitresses that seem permanently disgruntled. To be fair, if I had to serve 50 plus hungover college students every weekend I wouldn’t be skipping either.


8. Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Feeling nostalgic and hankering a weird craving for cotton candy? Look no further. Grab your girl squad or a cute boy and explore this Syracuse zoo. While it isn’t massive, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the alcohol-fueled animals on campus for a huddle of penguins.

9. Destiny USA

Would it even be a Syracuse article without mentioning Destiny? Grab a warm pretzel and explore the labyrinth that is this mall. Whether you’re in search of some crop tops for your next weekend out or in desperate need of a new iPhone charger – you can find it here.

10. Funk N’ Waffles

Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Waffles. From super sweet banana peanut butter to bacon bits in your waffle, any craving can be fulfilled here. Most nights also offer a super funky band, so you can feast while getting jiggy with it.


10 Things To Do In Syracuse That Aren’t On Campus

Have any other off-campus activities in the city of Syracuse? Comment yours down below!

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